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New Year celebration: gathering for a fresh start


For My Sake, Take Care of My Flower!

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DMN Gift

An Exciting Ride on a New Year Balloon!

All of us in our life may have wished at least once to take a ride on a balloon. The DMN-A Brand Experience Agency made this dream come true for its audience in the yearend festivity organized by the dnaunion group and gave them a ride in a balloon and took memorial pictures of them. The photos, after being printed were put at the disposal of the people and entered their treasury of memories. The DMA- A Brand Experience Agency by implementing this idea and presenting the New Year gifts intended to make a difference out of experience. The DMA made great achievements in 1395 (2016-2017) and improved from an agency with services below the line (BTL) to a brand experience agency. This agency in its new position has rendered diversified and attractive services to its customers; services which will provide them with tangible experiences a small reflection of which was crystalized in the New Year gift of the agency. The DMA New Year balloon ride was a gift of different nature not offered by any other company and for the same reason it will remembered by those who had the exciting experience for a long time.