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Aptakid Survives by Making Memories

Aptakid is a kind of powdered milk with all additives required for children 2-6 years of age. It is a product of Danone Nutritia Corporation. It was little known in Iran and the flavor was not suitable to the taste of Iranian children. To increase its sale in Iran, the corporation made efforts to change its taste to one suitable to the taste of Iranian children, and to better introduce its product in Iran, it referred to DMN Advertising Agency.

With respect to the restrictions that exist with regards to sampling powdered milk in Iran, DMN decided to set up a different happy atmosphere for children in order to not only create a cheerful memory for children, but also familiarize their parents with the Aptakid product and its benefits. Danone has also launched a campaign in order to better publicize the product while the parents film their children’s interesting moves and upload them to Aptakid site. Meanwhile, DMN joined the campaign by filming the children in the Aptakid Zone and uploading them to Aptakid site.

DMN team allocated a branded happy zone to Aptakid in Kourosh Shopping Mall, one of the busiest in Tehran, with the aim to achieve its goal of familiarizing parents with the product and make happy memories for children.

In Aptakid zone, mascots wearing Aptakid bear costumes encourage children to play, and give them balloons engraved with Aptakid design as gifts. Also, walls have been installed in the zone designed with Aptakid brand.

Children are encouraged to stand in front of it while wearing special clothes (cape and shield to show protection that Aptakid provides them against bacteria) and take photos that would be inserted in frames with Aptakid design and presented to them to take home. In the meantime, a DMN representative who is perfectly familiar with the product speaks with parents and explains its benefits while filling questionnaires about the dietary habits of Iranian children and brands they use.

The promotion project continues for one month – September 1 till October 1 – in Kourosh Shopping Mall and with respect to the goals of Danone, it makes efforts so that the Iranian people would always remember the brand.