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Dessert Market in Iran Grows by 50%

Sales of factory-made desserts observed a 50% year-on-year jump in terms of the rial value of the goods in the one year period ending on Sep. 22, 2019.

The current report is based on data gathered by the emrc from major retailers active in 24 Iranian cities.

Goods sold in this category can be classified as: ready dessert, dessert powder, ready jelly, and jelly powder.

Jelly powder has the largest share in the market with 48%. It is closely followed by ready desserts with 44%. This is while dessert powder and ready jelly have a 2% and 6% share respectively.

While the market has observed growth in terms of rial value of the goods sold, the total weight of the products offered in the market shrank by 9%.

Sales of ready dessert, jelly powder, and dessert powder respectively declined by 7%, 13%, and 19% compared a year earlier in terms of total weight of the products offered in the market. This is while the companies have been able to sell 5% more ready jelly.

Considering the economic headwinds Iran is facing, almost all businesses have been forces to jack up prices. Following the imposition of harsh US sanctions against Tehran prices of raw materials and production costs has gone through the roof. The economic conditions have forced Iranian producers to increase prices.

Furthermore, severe volatility has hit markets with prices changing by day due to which makers and costumers cannot draw up long-term plans.

Sales of desserts in term of rial value has jumped by 56% for jelly powder, 37% for ready dessert, 115% ready jelly, and 32% for dessert powder.

Note: emrc provides dessert makers with market analysis services. Reports like the one at hand, provide market insiders with insights to draw up long and short term strategies.