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DMN Launches Promotional Sampling for Gorji Brand

DMN-A Brand Experience Agency implemented promotional sampling
for Gorji brand. The sampling has been done for further introduction of the Jovin brand and its methods of consumption. In order to obtain detailed information about the sampling, we interviewed Ahmad Arvan, Project Manager of promotional sampling for Gorji brand from DMN Company.

Q: What was the reason Gorji came to you for help?

Gorji has recently supplied its new product to the market under the name “Jovin”. The Gorji Complex intends to do culture building with regard to the specifications of the product, in terms of how its new products should be used, an idea which had not been practiced before. With such an approach, Gorji referred to DMN to do culture building by using BTL approaches with regard to using its Jovin products.

Q: What was your solution to the problem?

In order to address the need of the customer, the DMN executive team and the customer unit decided to have direct interaction with the target audience through the promotional sampling with an aim of encouraging people to test the Jovin product in a new way. Given that sampling is conducted in the sales locations, the final customers would buy the product and use it in a new way if their experience is favorable, and this is the case that is sought by the customers in promotional sampling.

Q: Could you please describe the process of implementation of mechanisms?

In order to implement the plan, first the selected sales locations were chosen in coordination with Gorji Complex, and then promotional forces and promoters were trained with an aim of becoming acquainted with the product and its features as well as understanding the target of promotional sampling campaign of Gorji. Subsequently, the forces attended the sales locations which included a diverse number of chain stores and the sampling program was implemented for the Gorji Complex in a one-month period.

Also, in addition to the promotional sampling program, Gorji sought feedbacks from its customers; therefore, during the sampling program questionnaires were collected for becoming informed of the opinion of the consumers about the product.

What feedbacks did you receive and what was the feedback of Gorji management?

The promotional sampling of Gorji was part of a marketing campaign of this brand for the presentation of its new product which was successfully implemented by the DMN team and the Gorji Complex showed a positive feedback towards the result of the implemented BTL plan.