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Magnolia: A Year of Elevation

New Year Congratulations, Starter of dnaunion’s New Idea

Combination of art with the advertising industry is not hidden to anyone and advertising works that are in line with the deployment of the aesthetics feeling has always been able to communicate with the audience in a better and deeper way.

The dnaunion group also emphasizes on the powerful role of art in advertising and marketing fields: An emphasis that has generated an idea which will be implemented within the framework of a campaign: An idea for the implementation of which the group will benefit from the artists companion.

The companion of the artists over the course of many years is within the framework of special occasional plans for the group. Plans for the implementation of which the style and main idea of the artist have been taken into consideration and the group has only ordered it.

The launching of this idea coincided with the New Year’s Eve and the first plan was designed to congratulate the start of the New Year and was sent to the circle of customers and the audience.
The artist who has collaborated with the group for designing works of the calendar year 1398 (2019/20) is “Mehdi Mir-Bagheri’. Furthermore, other occasional plans will be released through different media. The dnaunion group will soon outline its idea and will unveil it.