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Spring in dnaunion

Give the good news to the garden that the scent of the spring is approaching; the spring that we should promise all by celebrating its advent: Ceremonies held by members of the dnaunion group with the help of the happyunion Group on the last Thursday of the Persian year 1397. The happyunion prepared a variety of programs for the participants in the yearend ceremonies and exerted their utmost efforts to make it a memorable day for all: A day that people in coming years would remember it happily.

The programs performed at the ceremony were a mixture of different competitions that were implemented collectively. In those programs, the senior managers of the group, together with the rest of the participating members and their cooperation, gave a great deal of excitement to the ceremony and the competitions.

At the yearend ceremony, Nasser Pashapour-Nikoo, Managing Director of the dnaunion group, said: “Given the prevailing economic situation, this year was a year of struggle and challenge for all of us. But, fortunately, the dnaunion group has drawn a clear vision for the New Year. We hope that in the New Year we will be able to use the existing opportunities in the best possible way.”

He added: “The yearend ceremony is the biggest event that the Happyunion Group puts into action. The happyunion in the past year put different activities in action. The activities that breathe new spirit into the group and hopefully such activities will continue in the next year.

“At the end, I promise a good year to all.”

In continuation, Parastoo Rostami, the Happyunion secretary said: “The Happyunion has started its activities under this name for nearly two years now. In the past year, the happyunion held various leagues such as the pantomime, kite playing along with the CSR activities that were welcomed by members of the group.

In the yearend ceremony winners of the competitions held at various ceremonies were honored. In addition, we have been witness to the activities of Instagram at different events such as Yalda Night and Mother’s Day in which the favorable presence of the colleagues was witnessed. Also, in this social network, nearly for twenty weeks we presented attractive puzzles for the solution of which we once again experienced good participation of the members.

One of the fun activities of the past year was the launch of the food market, with the revenue obtained from which we were able to release three prisoners taken into jail for their debts. The extent of participation of the contributors in the activities is increasing day by day, which gives us encouragement.

Abolfazl Zamani, the Human Resource Director of the dnaunion group, speaking at the ceremony as one of the figures who play an important role in holding the happyunion ceremonies said: “Members of the happyunion all voluntarily and sincerely try to create a happy environment for their colleagues: An environment with the creation of which the working conditions can become pleasant. We hope that we can bring the activities of the happyunion closer to the views of the members of the group and hold ceremonies that all enjoy and participate in it.