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What Do Audiences Think about Vegetarianism?

For many people it is unbelievable to live without having meat as part of their daily diet. But, whether these people believe it or not, today vegetarianism has become a style of nutrition, and many people around the world either follow this style of nutrition or think about it. In our country, this style of nutrition has its own followers: Followers who try to promulgate vegetarianism through various promotional methods.

On this basis, Emrooz Marketing and Research Company (EMRC), in April and May 2019 conducted a study to measure the amount of information people have about vegetarianism and its effects on lifestyle. The research consisted of 11 questions, which were conducted using an online questionnaire research method and a research population of one of the popular podcasts. Some 669 people participated in the poll, out of whom 252 were women and 417 were men. The age of the participants ranged from 16 to 78 years, divided into four different age groups, with the average age of 32 years. It should be noted that the third question in the survey is designed so that participants can choose from several options, but in the remaining questions only one option should be selected. You can read more about this research in the following columns.


Definition of Vegetarianism from Respondents’ Point of View

Entering into the vegetarian world and following its different nutrition style requires accurate information. The point to be considered is that a significant percentage of the Iranians are not aware of the exact information.

In this study, the participants were asked to explain vegetarianism in a sentence. Interestingly, 55% of the participants in the research believed that vegetarianism was a culture and affected different aspects of human life. However, 29% also believed that vegetarianism is a food program that is prepared with restrictions on the use of meat and animal products and could help protect the environment and animal rights.


Vegetarianism and Protection of Environment


Usually people have certain reasons for being vegetarian. The reasons such people strongly advocate. Now, which of the following points is the most important approach to vegetarianism?

Some 56% of the participants believed that vegetarians have changed their nutrition style for the protection of the environment and the rights of animals and excluded meat from their meals. Meanwhile, 34 percent also believed that people choose vegetarianism in order to improve their body functions and cardiovascular health and increase their longevity. The interesting point in this research work is that a very small percentage of the respondents expressed unawareness about this question while the majority responded to the question. This shows that advertising about this nutrition style has not been overlooked by the general public and it creates the mental image of the environmentally friendly vegetarians in the society.

It should be noted that in the same line, another question has been asked from the participants in the research the result of which emphasizes the above mental imagination. The question is, “In your point of view, does vegetarianism have an effect on environmental conservation or not? Sixty seven percent of the people gave a positive answer to this question and the rest a negative one.


People’s Outlook about Nutrition Style of Vegetarians

Creating dietary restrictions is always challenging. A limit that is not easy for all to observe and vegetarians should also have strong will to observe their dietary style. In the continuation of the research, the participants were asked in the dietary style of the vegetarians with what point and option do they agree? Fifty one percent of those present in the study said those who want to change their nutrition style to vegetarianism should do this under the supervision of a physician. Meanwhile, a significant percentage of the people, accounting for nearly 43 percent, considered vegetarianism as a healthy diet which can help maintain the stable energy level of the body.

Also, since in vegetarian nutrition style protein is received in ways other than meat consumption, some people feel that the protein will be removed from the meal of the vegetarians. People have different views on this issue and this question was asked in the research that could reduction of protein consumption such as meat reduce the aging process in humans and significantly increase the life expectancy?

Some 52% of the people responded positively and the rest negatively. The answers received are controversial. Answers that need to be surveyed carefully and the cause of this kind of perspective should be scrutinized by experts.


Are You a Vegetarian?

If in a gathering you do not care about meat and its products, people will immediately ask, ‘are you a vegetarian?’ A question that is commonly encountered with different reactions and if people are vegetarian, they will quickly tell others about the benefits of their diet. Such a question has been asked in the research work. Some 16% of the respondents have answered positively. Vegetarianism in women (24%) was higher than in men (12%).


Vegetarianism and Its Effects

Vegetarian advocates talk much about the benefits of this diet: Benefits that should be carefully reviewed by experts. In this study, one of the benefits that vegetarians mention has been asked. The participants were asked whether increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and less consumption of processed foods could help improve acne. The percentage of the positive answers to this question is ponderable. Some 89% of the people believe that this is true.

In the continuation of the study, other questions were asked from the participants on the benefits of vegetarianism and the assessment of their views. For example, the participants were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with this point that reduction of salty and processed foods in this diet has significant benefits to cardiovascular health and if it helps to prevent heart disease and stroke. Some 94% of the respondents have answered this question positively.


Vegetarianism and Its Relation to Health

Vegetarianism and its relationship with health are some of the other issues studied in this research. For example, the participants were asked: “Having a vegetarian diet can be a good part of the daily schedule for losing weight?” Some 67% agreed with this question.

Also, in another question the participants were asked if they thought excluding meat from their diet would in itself cause physical well-being. Some 62% did not agree with this question: A question that men were more reactive to than women. This shows that men are more sensitive toward excluding meat from their diet and its effects than women.

Also, while vegetarianism finds a better place among the people of the society day by day, the participants in the research evaluated the trend as being slow and 89% of them believed that having this diet in Iran is more difficult than in Western countries due to its shorter record and limited access to specific vegetarian menu in restaurants.

In sum, the research provides the planners in the field of health with interesting results. The planners who are attempting to change the dietary program of the people and having access to accurate data will be of great help to them.