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Yalda: The Long Night of Oriental Sonnets

Yalda, the Long Night of Oriental Sonnets with the dnaunion Members’ Dubsmash

Yalda, the long night of oriental sonnets witnessed a hubbub in the dnaunion family.

The story of this clamor began when a dubsmash was performed. The happyunion called on its colleagues and friends to make a creative and funny dubsmash with the song “Long Night” and forward it. The event did not end just here, and the dubsmash of the members of the dnaunion reported the news about holding Yalda night ceremony in the companies of the family. All the companies had prepared separate programs for themselves. All the programs had been planned with an aim of holding an intimate and sincere gathering.

After the exciting ‘kite flying’ event with happyunion , this time we were witness to an interesting initiative from this group. Those with the happyunion , this time again figured out an interesting initiative for fostering the spirit of cooperation in the dnaunion family. This time an old traditional and an original custom laid the foundation for the creative gathering of members of the dnaunion family. Although the dubsmash of the members of the dnaunion in itself played a role in promoting the spirit of collective happiness and joy, however the special programs of the member companies were performed exclusively. The main theme of the program was Yalda and all the members were involved in the Yalda theme in a different way.


dnaunion Members’ Dubsmash, an Innovation at Yalda Night

At this gathering, all the elements of Yalda night were present. Of course, in each company these elements appeared in a form at the Yalda tablecloth. The dubsmash of the members of the dnaunion was the start of the Yalda teamwork of those with the happyunion . Each company, under its special condition, displayed a specific Yalda design. In one of the companies, members gathered together in the yard and after taking a memorial picture, were invited to have sweet watermelon, red pomegranates, sweets and chocolates and …

In another company, the members used a theme to define the Yalda ceremony and all used the red color in their dresses. In this company roast potatoes and Ashe Reshteh (special Iranian noodle soup) were served.

But members of a company celebrated their Yalda party outside the company and in a pleasant garden cafe. Members of the company were also invited to have delicious Yalda food. Another company also provided a different atmosphere and with lighting and funny and creative movements, gathered the members for the Yalda festivity. The dubsmash of the dnaunion members was only an excuse to make Yalda night last longer, but the programs of other companies were much more diversified.

In another company, a cart full of red beetroot and hot beans served the guests in the yard. Next to the large round tray in which the red nectar of the beetroot was boiling, there was another big tray filled with beans which were covered with pepper and angelica and tempting steam was coming out of it. No one would think that a manifestation of the present time in the form of dubsmash performed by the members of the dnaunion could be coordinated with the old tradition of this land.

Closing with the Hafez Reading

At the end, all the companies finished their programs by practicing divination on Hafez: The programs which were the result of the teamwork of all the members of the dnaunion family. When a work is done through teamwork, all the members consider themselves effective in participation for a better accomplishment of the program. The dubsmash of the members of the dnaunion, with the call of the happyunion , was only a flip for the members of the dnaunion family to know that roots can also be spread into the modern life and have a more pleasant life.

Altogether, Yalda 97 also joined the history, and those with the happyunion got prepared for new programs. But the memories of the dubsmadh of the members of the dnaunion and the teamwork of members of the companies for preparing a memorable night would stay with us for long years. We look forward to other happyunion entertainment programs. This time a bigger surprise is on the way the cornerstone of which has now being made.