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45 Percent of the Youth Rely on Social Networks

These days, social networks have taken a significant share of the people’s life and they spend hours of their precious time on the social media space. People are so enchanted by the social networks that they do not pay attention to the time they spend.

Surveying the process of the people’s presence on social networks and the fact that what they do in this space, is an important issue. The Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) in a field research has studied this topic. The study, entitled “Exploring the Social Network and Messengers Space” has achieved significant results. It must be noted that in this research, the main focus has been on the people between 15 and 29 years old and it was held during May 2018-May 2019 period.

Influence of Social Networks in Society

The emergence of the Internet and social networks has revolutionized the lives of the contemporary man. This transformation is not unique to one specific place and has involved all countries in the world. According to the information gathered, 66 percent of the target group in this research is members of at least one of the social networks.

Visiting Social Networks in the Society

The visit people pay to the social networks is another important topic that has been asked in the form of a question. In this research, users of the social networks have been asked how often they visit the social networks. More than 65 percent of social network users and 45 percent of the entire respondents said that they visit social networks several times a day (at least twice a day). From such a percentage, it can be concluded that the respondents in the research, all of whom being in adolescence and young age range, are heavily dependent on social networks.

What Are You Looking for in Social Networks?

People visit social networks for various purposes. This subject has been asked in the form of a question: “For what purpose do you use the social networks?” In response, 48 percent of the social networks users have mentioned the most important reason for their visit to the social networks was to read and watch news and find out about friends and relatives. The statistics in this section are interesting. For example, only 12 percent of the social network users are tracking news about brands and new products. This is while the funds allocated by brand owners for advertising in the social networks is on the rise. The research also found out that the follow-up of sports news in the social networks attracted only 12 percent of the respondents.

Participate in Social Networks Contests

Nowadays different competitions are held on the social networks by brands, businesses and organizations. The importance of these contests led to the allocation of a question in this research to the topic. In the research, people were asked: “Do you participate in social networking contests?” The response of 84 percent of the social network users was negative, with only 16 percent saying that they had participated in the competitions. This is also an implausible result and will greatly help the businesses that are run for promotional purposes.

Widely Visited Social Network Pages

Social networks have provided people with the opportunity to go straight forward to their favorite subject matter and make optimal use of their time. This research has focused on the topic and asked a question from the social network users.  “What influencers style pages do you follow on social networks?” Pages on fashion, singing and lifestyle are in the record list, and a significant percentage of the social networks users spend their time studying the content of these pages.

Popular Topics on Social Networks

Music is one of the most popular topics on the social networks. The study found out that 35 percent of social network users are following music and related topics. After music, comic topics are most favored by the users of social networks. Political matters are at the bottom of the table of this section with only 13 percent of the social network users following political subject matters and pages.

In sum, the information obtained from this research will be useful for many people, especially those who intend to plan and work on the social networks: Those who intend to invest on the social networks and decide to reach their targeted audience accordingly.