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Media Source, Spear Head Setak’s Advertisement Campaign in Afghanistan

Setak Company started airing adverts on Afghanistan’s Tolo Channel with Media Source Company as its advisor and marketing partner.

This collaboration had significant outcomes for Setak and increased the sales of this Iranian brand in Afghanistan.

Setak was founded in the fiscal 2007-8 with limited products and workforce. Yet, from that time the company had set long-term objectives to expand its business.

The company’s sales manager Hadi Mazloumi says, “In the fiscals 2014-15 and 2016-17 Setak experienced its second and third phases of expansion where production increased to 20 tons and 40 tons per day respectively. We increased the number of products and overhauled our machinery to arrive at these figures.”

Sales also grew alongside Setak’s increased production. Last year, the company entered a new production phase.

Bear in mind that Setak is active in biscuit production which is not a new business in Iran and dates back to over 40 years. “But you don’t see much innovation in the field. Setak has singled out itself by being innovative,” Mazloumi says.

To do so the company launched its research and development unit overseas. The R&D team came up with 14 recipes out of which 5 were chosen for production.

He adds, “We have made sure to offer products which enjoy high quality and reasonable prices and meet the tastes of consumers. What we put out in the market is different from all the rest.”

At present, 800 people have found employment in Setak some of which are women breadwinners. Setak’s production lines currently work two shifts and the company has in mind to increase its output to 100 tons per day in the near future.

No brand should confine itself to the per capita consumption of one country if it wants to grow. Setak, like other brands, wants to gain and secure a foothold in the global markets.

The firm’s deputy director says, “Afghanistan is a market that offers numerous opportunities for our brand. We export nearly 25 tons of products to Afhganistan every day. We have entered other markets in other countries as well. To do so a brand needs good marketing and advertisement.”

“We got to now Media Source and through this company and with their help we were able to air adverts in Afghanistan’s Tolo TV channel. We have achieved a lot through these advertisements. Good adverts always result in better sales. The same has been true for Setak,” he noted.

According to him, Setak has extensive plans to expand its media presence, in particular using TV adverts. “The adverts will focus on our new products.”

Setak’s competitive edge lies in its use of cereals, especially barley. Currently, six new products in 12 different packaging have been released into the market. The company tries to inject vigor and innovation to the industry and generate more jobs.

Mazloumi concludes by saying, “Collaboration with Media Source has been fruitful for Setak. The team in Media Source offered excellent advice which increased our exports to Afghanistan.”