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AAV Holds Change Management Team Building Workshop

Most organizations encounter numerous problems at the time of change. It is highly important to keep the workforce motivated at the time of change. The point that the manpower should know what challenges they would face at the time of change in an organization and how they should be prepared to deal with them is a question of high importance.

The type of teamwork and the correct placement of the teams alongside each other with regard to the international standards arrangement are highly significant. The necessity of these issues prompted the AAV marketing school to organize a workshop under this theme for the human resources of its companies.

Efforts were made to have those who are highly involved in team work and in most cases influential in the arrangement of the teams taken part in this 8-hour training course held in calendar month of Ordibehesht 1395 (April 20 –May 20, 2016) in cooperation with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

By holding applied courses the AAV School has always tried to help upgrade the capability of individuals and strongly believes it has achieved a great part of its goals when people say after attending each workshop, “I can do this as of tomorrow” or “I can have a new and effective approach in doing my works”.

Among viewpoints expressed by the participants, the following are noteworthy:

Elnaz Ayuqi – Media Director of Eshareh Co.

It was a highly effective course for having team works and team formation for different projects and dealing with team members. It also helps to face obstacles and changes contrary to personal tastes without taking personal stance and channel them towards a sound direction.

Another issue is adapting oneself with the hard and complicated conditions in which one can manage the team members and address the emotions and demands of individuals.

Babak Kazemi – Eshareh Co. Brand Manager

As a person who has had the responsibility of leading teams in different companies for years, the outlook presented towards team transfer and change was attractive to me.

Mina Abedi – Project Manager, Magnolia Co. Media Department

Understanding that organizational changes follow a logical process, I adapt myself to organizational changes and play a role in such changes. I also try to explain these changes transparently to my colleagues and help them in this regard.

Ramina Naghioun – Creativity Manager of Magnolia

After completing this course, I can perform the following tasks:

  • Manage my emotions at the time of organizational changes
  • Communicate soundly with my manager and team members wherein I am active.
  • Work in unison with the team in order to achieve a common goal by taking into consideration my own interests and those of the organization I am working for.