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DMN Unveiling of New Huawei Smartphone

The arrival of Huawei Mate 8 smartphone created a different mood for its fans in March, a mood that was generated through planning and creativity of DMN and Barsa, the two corporate companies affiliated to dnaunion group, marking an exciting and friendly unveiling ceremony in Kourosh shopping mall.

On the concluding days of the past Iranian calendar year 1394 (ended March 19) and in the midst of excitements that prevailed in every shopping mall on the eve of spring, the DMN group planned an innovative road show and launched a very different and unique ceremony to introduce the new Huawei smartphone allocating 90 square meters of space on the entrance hall of Kourosh shopping mall. The designing of the roadshow was so different and unprecedented that nothing similar to that had been witnessed in any other shopping malls throughout Tehran. It was eye-catching and innovative and it was awesome and fun for shoppers who welcomed the ceremony in an unprecedented manner. Ultimately, the road show turned to one of the most visited events of the kind.

On the unveiling ceremony, Project Manager Shamim Hosseini, said: “In our negotiations with Huawei directors, we concluded that instead of inviting certain number of guests, we’d better create an atmosphere where all those interested in Huawei smartphones, and even those who are not familiar with Huawei products, from different layers of the society and with varied tastes and demands, get a chance to see the new product. To this end, we chose Kourosh shopping mall, west of Tehran and one of the busiest with several movie theaters and amusement and recreation facilities, a place where many youths pool together.”

On the space that was dedicated to the launch of the new Huawei product, she said: “In fact, we designed a road show in Kourosh mall. Several counters were allocated to the promoters to introduce and exhibit the smartphones. Besides, huge replicas of the smartphone were stalled so that everybody was able to observe varied features of the smartphone by touching its screen, get amused and take selfies.”

On the photo booth in the road show, she explained: “The photo booth idea came up because one of the excellent features of the phone is the high quality of its camera. To show this feature, we designed booths where the audience could get in and by using cosmetics and attractive clothes provided there, they could make up and change clothes and take pictures by the new Huawei smartphones. Then, we printed the pictures and gave them as gifts. The idea, not operational until now, was very welcomed by the audience, especially that we also launched a virtual campaign so that they could direct their pictures to the Huawei official page in Instagram and win prizes.

According to Hosseini, Barsa Company spent three to four days to design and make the replicas while the layout and preparation of the road show took almost a day so that with creation of a different atmosphere, what Huawei is after in its theme “a new style of business”,  would be showcased to its fans.