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Third Training Course on Proper Use of Retailers Monitoring Information

AAV School Holds “Media Master” Training Course

On October 27 and 28 this year, the “Media Master” training course was held at AAV School. The two-day training course was held for the media department of the dnaunion group of companies. AAV School held the training course with an aim of upgrading the knowledge of the staff of the media department and familiarizing them with different concepts of this scope.

In this training course the process of communicating with business objectives, media planning rlated to the marketing aims and business, familiarity with a variety of content, advertising targets and further acquaintance with important and basic subjects of media, applied tools for optimization of media planning, and applied strategies and tactics in different campaigns were presented to the participants.

The process for conducting research for planning of advertising campaigns, the process to determine the criteria for measuring the results obtained from the advertising campaigns, creating a more comprehensive perception at media issues, computing GRP and Reach with a different perspective, developing content, differentiating between tactic and strategy, and providing guidelines for better implementing teamwork were among other subjects discussed during the training course.

Sarvenaz Sur-Esrafil, one of the course trainees said: “Participation in this course resulted in finding out that in terms of information, tools and methods of using media we are not much behind other countries in the region. Meanwhile, the lecturer provided us with good information on the activities of agencies in other countries in the field of media planning which was very interesting. Moreover, the Media Master course led us to develop a different outlook towards the media working area. For example, we used to maintain that it was only the duty of the creativity department to communicate with the brand character, but after the course, we realized that we in terms of media should analyze the brand from all its angles. In this period, some of the methods that we are running were taught and if this information becomes wider and points are mentioned about newer tools, the efficiency of the course will increase.”

Sur-Esrafil said presence of the individuals from the same level of experience in this course is among cases that will increase its efficiency. She generally described the “Media Master” course of AAV School interesting and useful.

Mehdi Hatefi, another trainee of the “Media Master” course, said: “During the period of my activity in dnaunion this was the first time that a foreign lecturer was being invited for teaching. This was interesting for me because I became acquainted with the outlook of a foreign lecturer towards issues of this domain. This training course improved the angle of my views towards issues. From now on, I will look at media issue with a wider perspective and will increase my data and information about this area. For having a better output I will ask better questions from the customers. Also, I will consider the personality of the client as an important factor in choosing the media.”

He further remarked that in this course a bilateral relationship was developed between the participants and the lecturer which was an interesting event.

The majority of the trainees in the course had worked with media tools and had become familiar with their challenges and this event caused further deliberations over different issues.

Hatefi proposed communications between the trainees and the lecturer prior to the course as a way to increase quality of the course in which challenges will be put forward and will be discussed during the course.