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AAV School Holds “Media Master” Training Course

ODT, A Different Experience of Thinking

The fifth term of ODT, a program to repair the gap between industry and academia, was held on 11th Aban (November 1) with the participation of students from Al-Zahra, Shahid Beheshti and Tehran universities.

The aim of the one-day tour of the dnaunion marketing was to discover talents, develop industry’s communication with the university, introduce the dnaunion and most importantly implement social responsibility of the dnaunion group in order to upgrade the position of this industry in the minds of its audience. The event is almost being held every month.

This program since the first term has been witness to tremendous changes and efforts have been made to create even a small change in this little opportunity so that those interested in being active in the marketing industry will think of the future of their profession with a wider vision.

The dnaunion, during implementation of the program, tries to transfer its experience to the participants as for success and victory one should have great expectations; realizing the dreams that are somewhat unattainable, such as the case with the founders of the dnaunion, dreamers who achieved their dreams, is not a difficult task.

It is not a difficult task if we select our target vigilantly and in line with its realization take steps with persistence or to sum it up as noted by the managing director of the group, live our dreams.

This course of the ODT was continued by the descriptions offered by EMRC, DMN and Eshareh companies with regard to their successful projects.

Lunch was served in an intimate gathering of senior managers of the group and in the second part the participants inspected EMRC and Eshared companies and the joyful atmosphere of Eshareh Advertising Agency was interesting and exciting for them.

The guests in response to the question of the organizers (explain ODT in one sentence), considered the creative and lively atmosphere as well as the young and succulent team of the dnaunion group and their sincere and professional behavior as the positive and impressive parts of the program.