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EMRC Celebrates 13th Birthday

Saturday May 14th was an important day for Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) as it celebrated its 13th birthday and beginning of its adolescence.

The staff had been told that there would be a celebration on Saturday noon but nobody was aware of the occasion. However, the EMRC staff was all curious about it and everyone ran guesswork. The older staff was almost confident what was going on but the debate went on and on till they arrived at the venue of the festivity on Pol-e Tabi’at (The Nature Bridge) and saw the banner “Welcome to Emrooz Birthday Party”. EMRC was born thirteen years ago today.

Addressing the ceremony, Kamyar Emami, Deputy Managing Director of EMRC spoke about the company’s achievements to date and said: “By joining the Win / Gallup International, EMRC as the first Iranian company active in the field of market research and also as a member in ESOMAR, achieving the 2nd most important statistical competency in Iran and the leading rank among private companies, has been able to achieve high credibility among the companies that are active in this field.” He said the most distinctive characteristic of EMRC is that it provides statistical products that increase the speed of access to information and help companies monitor market trends in the best way possible. Currently EMRC has three main research products in the basket of goods, namely:

  • Ad*x (Advertising Monitoring): EMRC as a leading company in the field of advertising monitoring has produced its first research product in this area. Since 10 years ago, Ad*x is engaged in advertising monitoring with the coverage of 6 TV channels and 54 publications.
  • TGi (Target Group Index): TGi examines consumer’s lifestyle and attitude. It is more than 10 years that EMRC offers this product under the license of Kantar Company covering 10,000 households in 17 major Iranian cities.
  • X*Pose (Retail Audit): EMRC is the only Iranian company that offers monthly/bimonthly research services covering 24 Iranian cities and towns regarding fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • EMRC has plans to add two more products to its basket during the current Iranian year: one product is in the field of monitoring X*Trim TV viewers and the other is consumer’s panel that would provide companies with information on purchasing procedure and choice of each customer in each purchase.
  • Inside the ceremony hall, the guests were busy chatting and taking pictures. At the center of the hall, there was a table laden with gifts and balloons that were flying up and down.

However, there were two individuals among the crowd that were carefully monitoring the event: Sara Gheibi, Public Relations Officer, and Faranak Delir, the Company’s Administrative Officer, who were in charge of organizing and planning the ceremony.  Ms. Gheibi, who has been in the company since the very first day, said Pol-e Tabi’at Restaurant had been chosen for the ceremony because of its favorable and delightful atmosphere. She also said that Jonga game was given as gifts to the participants because of its team-working nature so that the staff would be encouraged to practice more team works both inside and outside the company.

Right on schedule at 3 p.m., dnaunion CEO Mr. Pashapour Nikoo, who is also the founder of EMRC, arrived at the scene and uttered few words about its formation and maturity:

It all began with an order, and the work was initially being done in another company. After two years, we came to the conclusion that the process of the work and registration of information were much more important that information itself; therefore the first team based on monitoring media advertising was formed inside the company and three years later, the event turned into formation of a company that could provide services to customers. The idea resulted in TGi, and then X*Pose and X*Trim be born.

EMRC, with all the ups and downs it has left behind, while just setting foot on its adolescence, has turned into a profitable and a very important company.

My wish for EMRC is that many successful and skillful executives would emerge out of it so that they would be able to positively affect varied businesses, Pashapour concluded.

At the end of the ceremony, EMRC birthday cake was cut and served by the young executives of the company and group pictures with participation of all the staff were taken.