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dnaunion CEO – Excellence in Entrepreneurship

In the fourth festival of successful entrepreneurial leaders, dnaunion CEO group received the excellent order of economic entrepreneurial leaders in 1395 (2016/2017).

The medal was awarded to Nasser Pashapour Nikoo while he was the only one present in the services, advertising and marketing sector in this significant festival in the country. After holding three rounds of the entrepreneurial leaders festival, the fourth round was held in the presence of the Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare and a number of top entrepreneurial leaders awarded last year, members of the Chamber of Commerce, members of the Trade Union, economic and social activists, experts and faculty members of the Entrepreneurship Faculty.

This year’s entrepreneurial leaders were selected by the Entrepreneurship Faculty on the basis of different indicators such as creativity, production of new products or presentation of new services, creating job opportunities, export of products or services, risk-taking, farsightedness, efficiency and development of human resources, acceptance of social responsibility and protection of the deprived, as well as scientific and cultural services.

Meanwhile, the festival of entrepreneurial leaders is being held internationally in six world countries including U.S., Canada, UK and India. Iran is the third country after the US and Britain which holds the festival.

In the 1395 (2016/2017) Entrepreneurial Leaders Festival, prominent entrepreneurs such as Mohammad Reza Ansari (Managing Director of Kayson Company), Hassan Rajabali Banna (Managing Director of Banna Industrial Company), Nasser Pashapour Nikoo (Managing Director of dnaunion), Ahmad Pour-Fallah (Managing Director of Iran Secco Company), Fatemeh Daneshvar (Managing Director and founder of Mehr Afarin Charity Institute), Effat Sarhaddi (Managing Director of Beekeepers Association and founder of Meda brand), Yunes Jaeleh (Managing Director of Shirin Assal Company), Jaafar Shakib (Managing Director of Iran Radiator), Sombat Hacopian (owner of Hacopian brand), Gholamali Soleymani (founder of Solico Holding), Mousavi Rahpayma (founder of Fooman Shimi), Ahad Azimzadeh (founder of Azimzadeh Carpet), Ebrahim Jamili (founder of Zarrin Industrial-Mining Group), Mohammad Shahpari (founder of Etehhad Motor Industrial Group), Alireza Nasser Moaddeli (founder of Perlite Company), Seyed Reza Moqimi Asl (founder of Mehr Asl Factories Industrial Group), Ali Mohammad Rajali (founder of Zarif Mosavvar Complex), Gholamreza Farsian (Managing Director and Chair of the Board of Directors of M.S.T. Group Industrial Complex), Hamid Reza Rezazadeh, (Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Golestan Charity Institute), Mohammad Reza Zahir Emami (founder of the Farasan Industrial Group), Mersedeh Naderi (Managing Director of Hoodian Company), and Sediqeh Gerami (founder of Kaila Nationwide Distribution Company) were honored.

It is to be noted that the fourth festival of entrepreneurial leaders was held on February 19 at Amini Hall of Tehran University by granting excellent order of entrepreneurial leaders in different areas such as: oil and petrochemicals, automotive and spare parts industry, mines and basic metals, banks, investors and leasing, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, building industry and mass constructors, machinery and equipment, rubber and plastics industry, transportation industry, technical and engineering of carpet and handicrafts, tourism, agricultural and dried fruits industry, sports, and related industries.