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Face Challenges with Hackathon (Hack + Marathon)

Active members of Eshareh Advertising Agency have embarked on applying a new method: Hackathon a method they are supposed to use in order to solve the challenges their customers are faced with. Challenges ahead of the advertising agencies are increasingly getting complicated and in order for more growth and progress in the market they should use new methods. On this basis, Eshareh Advertising Agency for applying the Hackathon method held a two-day workshop in the heart of the mountain so that active members with their presence in that location would learn the method.

“Dr. Mohammad Mousavi, Managing Director of Eshareh Advertising Agency elaborating on the Hackathon method says: “One of the main values of Eshareh Company is its progressiveness which is realized only through learning and employing the latest techniques by its colleagues. These are methods that have significant effect on increasing the quality, speed and empowerment of the members of the team. In line with this goal, Eshareh Company held a workshop for the training of Hackaton method. When a new method is taught to the members of the Agency, that method will be turned into applied tools. These tools during usage and in the course of time will improve in terms of performance and will become more updated. What was important in this workshop was the presence of people from different parts of Eshareh Agency. Different people paid attention to the subject through different outlooks and expressed ideas from different angles for the elimination of the challenge within the framework of Hackathon method. Members of the Agency in future and in terms of the type of the customer and the challenge they would be encountering, will take advantage of this method. Certainly, learning any new technique will be effective in the quality of the output and the method of serving the customers. In addition, it will provide members of the company with an opportunity to act better and more effectively than before. Using Hackathon method is not specific of a sole customer and in future will be applied to all the clients by focusing on the problem solution.”

Jamshid Alamouti, the coordinator of the workshop of Eshareh Advertising Agency speaking on the Hackathon method syas: “Hackathon is comprised of the two terms of Hack and Marathon. The first part of the word is ‘hack’ meaning solution of the puzzle and its second part is taken from Marathon. Marathon is a path an individual would take within a specific time and without interruption. Now, by considering this issue, in the Hackathon method the group should consider an issue and set a specific period of time for its solution. In order to increase the efficiency of Hackathon method, another method under the title of Design Thinking was merged with it. Design Thinking is a five-step method in which individuals should put themselves in place of the individual or company which has been in trouble and seeks solutions and different ideas. Perhaps individuals while seeking for ideas may reach hundreds of ideas some of which would not be practical, but he must collect all the ideas and then apply many tests. The ideas will be screened at each stage and become lesser in number and finally a number of valuable ideas will remain for the solution of the problem.”

Alamouti added: “Active individuals in Eshareh Advertising Agency are expected to use this method for better solution of the problems. To start with they considered a problem without a client and took advantage of the Hackathom method and took the stage of finding idea up to the solution of the challenge in a two-day marathon. Close to 28 people from different sections of Eshareh Agency took part in the workshop and within a specific period of time found effective ides for solving the problem. A day or maximum two is appropriate for the implementation of Hackathon method but the considered time depends on the issue and the number of individuals who are expected to find ideas for the removal of the challenge. More important than time, is the conditions in which individuals are placed while trying to find ideas. Individuals should be in a condition wherein they can think easily and discover ideas. For example, for the implementation of Hackathon method, members of the Eshareh Group spent two days in a hotel outside the city with beautiful landscape. Therefore, selection of the location and type of planning will be highly effective in the implementation of the aforementioned method.

Hackathon is one of the new methods being used in the world but its birth depends on the start of the activity of the startups. When a challenge in the society is discovered and within a specific period of time with the use of Hackathon method a pure idea is found and that idea is turned into a new business. As a result, any company capable of forging creative ideas in terms of culture and organization can take advantage of this method.”