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dnaunion Close-Up: We Know Each Other in This Organization

Today, Saturday Dec. 19: Our dnaunion gathering for the calendar year 1394 (2015), traditionally twice a year, was held in the presence of the new staff of EMRC, Eshareh, Magnolia, and DMN. As always, the dnaunion welcomed the young and energetic participants with a breakfast.

At the beginning of the program, Maryam Maanavi, a member of dnaunion public relations office as usual gave some positive energy to the audience with her excitement and exhilaration. Welcoming the participants she outlined the objective behind ‘Our dnaunion’ gathering and the topics of the program. In part of her remarks she said: “You are members of the big dnaunion but perhaps you are not aware of the details of this large family and its events. To this end, the public relations team of dnaunion holds this program twice a year in order to familiarize the new staff with the atmosphere governing over our large organization.”

The first part of the program was dedicated to the slides in which the audience had been introduced and in the subsequent slides each of the participants had illustrated their status in the next 10 years.

With the show of the slides, dnaunion Managing Director Naser Pashapour called on the participants to introduce themselves in 20 seconds as such that its effect will remain in the mind of the audience forever. He said: “Our profession is to introduce people to each other, now we should see how we introduce ourselves to others.”

The participants then introduced themselves amid an excitement specific of the dnaunion people. The second part of the program specifically concentrated on dnaunion. The background of the company, the reason for choosing its name, stress on pronouncing the name accurately, the target of the organization, outlining its logo and finally getting acquainted with the form of activities of the companies affiliated to it.

Comprehensiveness of the issues discussed removed even minor ambiguities and promised for an integrated presence and cooperation together with awareness and cognition.

In the next part, Maryam Maanavi and Parastou Rostami talked about professional features of working at the organization, knowing which would make the work easy and enjoyable for everyone.

The values of the dnaunion Group were introduced to the audience and reasons for such values were discussed. Now the participants were fully informed of the meaning of the badges they had taken out of a small container in the morning: to be progressive, lasting relationship and team work were among areas dnaunion considers imperative for continuing a dynamic and efficient activity.

At the end, parts of the activities of the public relations department were introduced to the participants.

The smile on the face of the participants as they were leaving the organization promised fruitful days for dnaunion Group and once again emphasized the point that dnaunion believes in order to have successful work experience one should win the hearts of the people.