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End of the Year Celebrations: A Spring Time Tradition

The New Year is just a few days away; people are busy everywhere in order to get prepared to embrace the spring. Not far away, in a not so small square in the central part of the capital city, one of Iran’s largest advertising groups is getting prepared for the end of the year festivity. Two weeks ago, the Norouz ambassadors of the dnaunion group with wreaths of flowers, including iris presented their letters of invitation of the yearend festivity to the members of the dnaunion group of companies amidst the sound of drums which echoed all over the place.

Parastoo Rostami, one of the active and effective members of the Public Relations Office of dnaunion which is also one of the veterans of the group, says:

“The festivities in the dnaunion group, in pace with all the activities and other affairs, have undergone great changes during all these years and have become more complete in a dynamic way. Eleven years ago, when the dnaunion had not grown as much as today and was a single company, the yearned festivities used to be held in a simple way.

“At the beginning, the festivities included a lunch together and probably a speech but gradually simple entertainments gave way to the present menu. I should add that first the Eshareh and EMRC companies joined together and later with the addition of other companies to the group, the festivities took wider dimensions. After holding each festivity, the entire ceremony would be inspected by the team of the Public Relations and the management and new solutions would be proposed. We tried to make the changes with a more serious look at our target which was ‘bringing people closer together’. We intended to create happy moments for the members of the dnaunion family, a day whose memory will remain in their minds and promise the approach of the New Year.

“With the rise in the number of staff and on the basis of values which were taking shape with the group, we were after activities which emphasized on team work. By designing the entertainment activities, we divided the staff into teams for the yearned festivities so that in addition to entertainment, it would bring them literally closer together. Gradually, we reached the conclusion that effective team activities cannot obtain a meaning in the course of one day and the teams should be set a few weeks earlier so that the team members would become acquainted with each other and interact with one another and on the festivity day present the result.

“That is to say, from the paintball which is an example of a happy and exciting one-day team work and the entertaining activities in the garden, we reached the activities which were excluded from the domain of entertainment and which were shaped by specified targets. As an example, film production based on the CSR concept. Since five years ago up to date, the form of invitation to the yearend festivity has also changed and has been turned into an independent event with its specific emotions that are being held on the first week of the month of calendar month of Esfand. The projects for the teams of the yearend festivity are defined in this event. The type of selection of the teams has also changed, teams are presently from the large group of dnaunion irrespective of which company they belong to and personal and professional capabilities of the people are considered in this selection. By doing this, we want to remind that we are all members of a larger group and can give meaning to the team work beside each other.”

Maryam Manavi, another member of the Public Relations Office says: “We in the dnaunion group try to celebrate the end of each season with a big event. At the end of spring we arrange tours for travel and the staff can go on a trip together or alone and gain a dnaunion trip experience. The end of fall is Yalda which is currently celebrated simultaneously in each company but separately and on the basis of concept of every company. The end of winter is the yearend festivity which is in fact the largest festivity of the group which is held in a coordinated manner.

“The yearend festivity is a private festivity and specific of the staff of the group. The yearend festivity is a day on which, despite the tight schedule, the event is taking place and all will participate in it. Group work is the emphasis on the activity and feedback of the group from the factors which we focus on. In other words, this event intends to put stress on the grandeur and greatness of the group and show our solidarity. On the first day of joining the group and becoming acquainted with its values, the staff will become acquainted with the yearend festivity and the activities on that day. Reactions of the members of the group towards the event have shown that we have taken the right path; all will talk about the festivity months before its commencement and remember its memory and get prepared for the “big day”.

“For the past two years, we have tried to prepare personalized messages suiting the mood of each of the members of the group and somehow have a personal encounter. Last year, all the 250 members received their own personal messages from Mr. Pashapour, the Managing Director of the dnaunion group, with regard to their activity and personal characteristics. These messages have been hand written by Mr. Pashapour. He believes that this approach will result in further increasing the joy and the sense of belonging of the people to the group and the staff will consider themselves an effective member of our larger group. The dnaunion with the approach of inviting to the yearend festivity, participation of the people on the day of invitation to the yearend festivity, personal encounter with each of the staff member and, finally, on the day of the yearend festivity tried to cast a special and different look at the event.”

This year, members of the group are expected to demonstrate the smash gardens they have prepared jointly in the yearend festivity and the danunion is considering unique personal encounters for its members.