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Eye-catching Presence of dnaunion Key Clients at Retail Audit: From Data to Action” Training”

In the competitive world today, professional companies attach great importance to market research and regular monitoring of their rivals. This issue is of higher importance to companies with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). In this line, Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) offers retail audit as one of the most important goods in its services basket. The significance of proper usage of retail audit prompted EMRC to hold an international workshop in this line with the cooperation of AAV Marketing School.

Emrooz Marketing Research Company and AAV Marketing School, both members of dnaunion group, started negotiations with the famous Austrian company, InfAction Consulting GmbH, which holds international workshops in the field of market research. Ultimately, the workshop was held in June 2016 for marketing, sales and market research managers of four famous companies.

Henkel, Unilever, JTI and Golrang Industrial Group (GIG) were among companies which invited their managers to attend the course.

The course covered group work on the second day but with respect to the macro strategies of AAV School, the information privacy of the participants was respected and companies worked on their projects separately.

Maintaining long-lasting relationships is among the three main values of dnaunion group and workshops like this one, which are in line with promoting the clients’ level, is of great importance.

In the end, feedbacks from some participants in the workshop are mentioned:

Omid Hosseinpour, JTI manager:

“After attending the course, I gained a new concept concerning cost of out of stock, stock cover, and O.O.S. With the new concept, I will try to prepare more effective reports and also use better and more operational analysis methods for other cases that I use. Throughout the refresher course, various training methods were used concerning doing the work and preparing reports. I intend to use these methods effectively.”

Amir Hossein Shaqaqi, Golang Industrial Group manager:

“After this workshop, I can produce better and more constructive reports by combining Xpose system with current studies at market research unit.

Alireza Iranmanesh, Unilever manager:

“After this course, I have kept in mind very well the retail audit concept and the connection between these concepts. From now on, I can set forth new hypotheses for reports analysis and sales condition.”