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Garnier Promotion Gold Winners

The feeling of winning a lottery is always pleasant for every audience in every position. It is a feeling that many brands are trying to give their clients.

After the inauguration ceremony of Garnier Ultrado products, that was carried out by Magnolia and DMN advertising agency, the promotional programs in various cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Tabriz and Mashhad were launched simultaneously by DMN-A Brand Experience Agency.

During the promotion, discounts were considered for customers and in the end a draw was held. Customers who bought two of the Garnier Ultra Brand products could participate in the lottery.

The draw was conducted in three phases. In the first phase, 99 gold coins were awarded to the winners who purchased products in Hyperstar stores. In the second and third phases, 25 gold coins went to Refah customers and 20 to Shahrvand shoppers respectively. As customers welcomed the event, the promotion will continue to be held in Hyperstar stores in Tehran, Karaj, and Isfahan.

Several factors have encouraged customers to purchase Garnier Brand and take part in its promotional events.

Garnier Brand has designed attractive and distinctive shelves to exhibit Ultrado in various shops, while the product is also beautifully packaged. Also, the design of Garnier store shelves was based on the concept the agency had created at the very beginning.

These shelves evoke the mood of naturalness of the product in the minds of customers. The designs of the shelves are such that the products are exhibited in a totally different atmosphere, and that is why more customers are attracted to them. In promotions of Garnier Ultrado Brand products, all customers including women and men can participate and benefit from the products.