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Media Sources, a Step Forward!

Media buying just like buying in the stock exchange or any other specialized good is in need of specialized advisors. Advisors whose presence certainly prevents wasting advertising budget of any brand. The Media Sources is one of the active and specialized companies in the field of media buying consultancy. The company has been active in Iran’s advertising industry for years and offers services to the clients. The Media Sources has recently set up an independent office in Iran and is expanding its activities.

Mehdi Hatefi, Director of Iran branch office of Media Sources, commenting on the launching of Tehran office said: “In the dnaunion group, the companies prior to taking the business unit stage and becoming independent, are usually stationed in the main companies in terms of location and use their administrative and financial units. This is done merely for economization and has good achievement for the companies before reaching the stage of maturity. Companies after reaching the stage of maturity would set up independent offices and increase their staff members. This method of performance is for the purpose of standardization of the companies for the activity of a large holding. The Media Sources Company has recently taken this stage and has launched an independent office. The trend of the movement of the Media Sources Company has taken place on the basis of structural strategies and standards of the dnaunion. The Media Sources after this process has expanded its working prospect and would consider more expanded markets. Of course grounds were prepared for expansion of activity but after taking this stage it would be done according to the standards of the group. The Media Sources Company with strong backing in the field of consultancy in media buying has entered a new phase in its job. This strong backing will further empower the company to continue its path.