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Popular as Persil, Expert as Home Care! The story of detergent market in Iran

Do not underestimate detergents. They are the manifestation and symbol of Iranian modernity. It may sound a little bit strange, but detergents were among the first windows that opened Iranian homes to the modern world. Detergents are a product of proportion and cleanliness. The story of this balance started from the Edwardian luxury bathtub and the joy of being drowned in a pile of soapsuds. Thus, water and soap became the inseparable components of life.


Modernity Arrived in Iran with a Suitcase of Detergents

In the late 19th century, detergents were the symbol of the prosperous middle class in the Western world. With the outset of the 20th century, the first detergent factories were founded in the United States; colorful soaps were produced for different purposes and brands such as Colgate and Protocor in glass jugs were exported throughout the world. However, for the detergents to be promoted to the kingdom of the consumer goods, there was need for a queen; a full-fledged Cleopatra.  

The seventh art and the magic of camera created this queen for them. With the appearance of man in front of the camera, outfit and cleanness suddenly assumed increasing importance. The Marilyn Monros were the boundless promoters of cleanliness and beauty.

In Iran too, detergents arrived in the market through the same magic. Just when the Pahlavi regime was calling for bigger participation of women in social activities, the cinema too penetrated deep into the heart of the people of Iran. The first women’s magazines in Iran were born by telling stories about the Hollywood goddesses and their first commercial was about detergents. A modern Iranian woman at the time of Reza Shah was well aware what detergents she should use. The discipline and accuracy at the time of Reza Shah always considered use of detergents as a sign of the movement of the Iranian society towards a new modern world.

On the other hand, detergents are the most flexible capital goods. This unique feature will help them overcome all the market barriers. The magic of cleanliness is one of the items that no religion would oppose. Yes, detergents unlike the most modern appearances found no obstacle in the way of approval among the Iranians. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, detergents have turned into powders coming in attractive packaging.

Today, the washing machine powder is one of the products that have a promising market in the country. The Emrooz Market Research Company (EMRC) has launched detailed research about this market and based on the EXPOS data, has released the following analytical report on one of the most popular products.


Exciting Rally in Iran’s Detergent Market

The detergent market in Iran with the presence of more than 50 companies and 100 different brands is a lucrative and competitive market. The pioneer of this breathtaking competition is undoubtedly the Henkel Pakvash Company. With its prestigious brand Persil, the company has been able to guarantee the trust of its customers. With the diversity of products and packaging, Persil controls about 70% of the market sale channels. By professional implementation of the diversity strategy, Persil has managed to increase the number of its SKU three times; and by purchasing the old and creditable brand “Tage” the company is likely to increase its share in future. The closest competitor to Henkel Pakvash is Pakshoo with the “Softlan” brand. The trend of penetration of Softlan into the Iranian market is slow but incessant, and yet it has an outstanding difference with Persil.

At the next level, there is the Pars Company. The company has launched the Home Care brand in the market and by using an extensive advertising campaign, has achieved significant success. The Home Care brand by using its strong presence at the stores has doubled its influence as compared to the previous year. The thought provoking speed of Home Care in capturing the market, could further add to the excitement of the market rally of detergents in Iran.

Following these three leading companies, there are Sepid and Barf brands of Paksan Company and Darya and Shoma brands from Toli Pers.  Shoma which used to be a guest of many Iranian homes for a long time has anchored in the shallow shores of the Iranian market today. As it is seen, older detergents are getting old with the memories of the 60s generation and in case this trend continues in the market, they have to give in to premature retirement.


Pleasant Sound of Persil and Home Care from Near and from Far 

Detergents sitting on store shelves provide a colorful spectrum of choice to the customers. Shoppers love this feeling of choice. In the modern world, humans are free to choose their favorite detergents and they enjoy this freedom. Therefore, the detergent market of Iran can still receive more brands in this industry. Perhaps every quality brand, by using the sound strategy, can find a place for itself in this market.

In the meantime, brands should pay attention to one point; as John Houston once said in the cinema, “gentlemen prefer blondes”, it seems that the Iranians also like foreign names on goods. People of Iran rely heavily on names with Latin resonance. It may sound painful but it should be admitted that the resonance of names such as Persil and Home Care, both from far and from near, is more appealing to the Iranian consumers, rather than Persian brands such as Darya and Sepid!

Source:X*POS Report, Emrooz Market Research Company