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“Nature’s Plenty” Brand Introduction in collaboration with “AdOne”

“Nature’s Plenty” has run a campaign to introduce its products that have been recently displayed in the market. The “AdOne” agency has companied the brand in the campaign design and social media planning to reach its goals. We had a chat with Sajad Bahramian, Nature’s Plenty’s brand manager and Simin Valikhani, from AdOne agency for further details about the campaign which is as followed.

Can you tell us about Nature’s Plenty products?

Bahramian: Nature’s Plenty operates in production of nutrition supplements. To this date, this brand has disclosed five kinds of effervescent tablets including Vitamin C with strawberry taste in 1000mg dosage, Vitamin C with orange taste in 500mg dosage, Calcium with blueberry taste, Magnesium with sour apple taste and zinc and vitamin C supplement (with a very desirable effect up to two folds on the body’s immune system due to the combination). These products were displayed in the market by the end of the previous year and regarding to it communications were made where they were boosted and also there has been a digital campaign on online platform since the beginning of Khordad.

What were the goals of the campaign and what is the benefit of the brand in comparison with other competing brands?

Bahramian: This campaign was conducted on two separate platforms: Instagram and other online spaces including various websites like websites related to health and nutrition supplements. The campaign’s target group was a spectrum of individuals who care about their own and families’ health and also athletes. Athletes may experience muscle cramps after practice that can be prevented by magnesium consumption and also vitamin C can play an efficient role in muscle recovery post practice and these are the two reasons that make focusing on athletes important to us.

To influence the audience, we had the accompany of health and sports’ influencers such as Marayam Tousi, member of national athletics’ team; Maryam Mohebi, holder of numerous medals; Laleh Sedigh, the first female athlete in professional car racing and Soheila Masourian, wushu champion on Instagram campaign. Also, we used the assistance of websites active in the medicine and health field. The campaign ran from Khordad 1st to Khordad 10th and influencers who had tried the products, both the taste and the effectivity produced a clip, inviting the audience to try out the products.

Who was the audience connected to, through the influencer channel?

Bahramian: The audience was connected to the online pharmacy “Darookadeh”. In fact, they were directed to the account providing the pharmacy’s products through the link in the influencer’s advertising story.

How were influencers briefed in order to reach the goal?

Valikhani: We used two types of influencers in the campaign: activists in the nutrition supplement field and athletes. In fact, the two groups were to introduce all products and at the same time focus on a specific product. For example, athletes focused on magnesium and vitamin C suitable for muscle cramps while pharmacists focused on vitamin C effervescent tablets and zinc for immune system reinforcement. In designing the clips, we defined keywords but the way using them was upon the influencers.

In this campaign, we also had clicking pop up advertisements on the website. We analyzed the target group and their interests for conducting the scheme. For example, technology, sports, health and women were assumed as interesting subjects. Accordingly, we chose websites to show our advertising banner. The pop up clicking advertisements also directed the target group to shop online at Darookadeh.

Tell us about the feedback you received.

Bahramian: There is noticeable point about the feedbacks. In the nutrition supplements and medicine industry, influencers who are connected to product distribution are generally chosen. At this point, this campaign was anarchist. Because it invited influencers related to the sports field which are fresh in the industry and so forth we received extremely positive feedbacks. Influencers made a favorable connection with the products and so the results were satisfactory in comparison with similar campaigns in the supplements field.

Did the activities have an impact on the sale?

Bahramian: Yes. We referred to the Darookadeh website and the sale had a satisfactory growth.

Is there a new campaign being designed recently?

Bahramian: In these products markets, the main focus is usually on pharmacies and physicians. The eye catching point in this campaign was our focus on the final user and a better connection with this group. The upcoming planning are based on a better connection with the final user of the product and to find better solutions. The brand wants to display new products with better connection with the audience and supporting their needs.

from: ADONE