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Signal and Magnolia collaboration in the universal campaign of healthcare staff gratitude campaign

Signal – a brand in mouth and teeth hygiene products – launched the #KaadrSmile (SmileFrame) with the social responsibility to thank the healthcare staff. In this campaign more than a thousand packages of Signal products were handed out to the healthcare staff. Magnolia agency in collaboration with Uniliver marketing team accompanied Signal in nationalization and conduction of the campaign. We had an interview with Parisa Daneshfar, Uniliver marketing – Beauty and self-care products team -chief manager, Ali Nikoomaram, Magnolia’s customer service manager and Amid Raashedi creative team manager as followed.

What was Signal’s goal for running the #KaadrSmile (Smile Frame) campaign?

Parisa Daneshfar: In the past 15 months we all experienced the Coronavirus pandemic effects on our daily life and society. The healthcare staff in all countries including Iran were to bear the most amount of pressure. Signal ran the campaign worldwide to show its gratitude and cause hope and smile and we wanted Iran to be a part of it. One of the first unpleasant impressions of this rough times was less smiles and the smiles were hidden under the masks we had to wear. Signal brand has always focused on mouth and teeth hygiene products and validates it as a sign of a healthy and beautiful smile. Through this campaign, Signal wants to remind everyone that despite the hard times, every smile is even more important than before. Each smile has a magical effect on our resilience and especially in the healthcare providers who have been the front liners confronting this crisis. Through this campaign, more than a thousand packages consisting of various products such as Signal toothpaste was handed out.

Why did you try to involve the audience in the campaign?

Parisa Daneshfar: With a widespread audience involvement and rising awareness through the message, more mindful smiles will be built. Every smile matters in this era. In the campaign’s video, we pointed out this subject and there were scenes showing smiles and tears of different people most affected by this illness and once again the healthcare staff difficulties were manifested. Every smile is a source of energy for hope, motivation and resilience especially for the ones that their smile was most affected, smile of every healthcare staff member. Each smile, a world of change.

Can you explain the timing of the campaign?

Parisa Daneshfar: The first days and months of the COVID pandemic, we admired and thanked the courage and tirelessness of the healthcare staff in different medias. With the time passing and the pandemic prolongation, despite the rising pressure and fatigue, their commitment never decreased and this endurance is worthy of appreciation. The Signal brand is determined to remind us of all of not only the significance of each smile in these hard times but also remind us of the effort the healthcare providers are making.

What was the problem description you faced in this campaign?

Ali Nikoomaram: The issue Signal was facing was beyond a communicating program and Signal wanted to highlight the importance of each smile and the gratitude towards the healthcare staff in days of the COVID pandemic and this message had to be delivered on the digital platform. The Signal brand has always been a pioneer in carrying out social responsibilities and this time the healthcare staff were the target of its social responsibility.

What was the solution to the problem?

Amid Raashedi: Following the brand’s managers request to transfer this message, we used the Signal’s brand universal video so that we could deliver the message to Iranian audience in accordance with the brand’s worldwide message. This video which went viral worldwide is a gratitude towards the healthcare staff in the pandemic, dramatic scenes of their activities across the globe, glances of COVID patients’ recovery or sensational moments in which the healthcare staff our encouraging the patients and each other, smiles behind the masks and tears of joy. In between, we added some scenes of Iran’s healthcare staff so that the Iranian audience could make a deeper connection with the campaign.

According to the primary briefing, the evaluation of the program was based on the videos views count. This campaign was conducted world widely and along with giving gifts from the brand and it had to be done in the same way in Iran too. Considering the primary brief, we suggested that giving the gifts should be done after the first phase of sharing the video and in contribution to its feedbacks and views.

Can you explain the executive steps of the campaign?

Amid Raashedi: “Smile” has always been Signal’s all-time and main idea that has owned it through frequent and right placement. Here we have the “smile” once again. In the first video, the narration is about the smile that has left our faces for more than a year. It is over a year that are smiles are hiding behind masks. At the same time, the healthcare staff has tried to bring back the smiles to patients’ faces and their beloved ones through sacrificing. We were searching for an impressive slogan. “healthcare staff” headed us to “Smile frame”. “Healthcare staff, Smile Frame” with the #KaadrSmile (Smile Frame), is a two sided hashtag and refers to the smile seeking cameras and mobile cameras.

Through the campaign’s execution, we invited a number of influencers to join the campaign and share the healthcare staff video. The notable point is that the motivation for joining this campaign was not getting prizes or just sharing a social message but it was a contribution for directly having a positive effect on showing gratitude to the tireless healthcare staff. Here, the audience motivation was experiencing the real feeling of showing gratitude to our nation’s healthcare staff.

Could you tell us about the campaign’s time period?

Ali Nikoomaram: The Smile frame campaign will run from 3th Tir, 1400 for a month.

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