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Smart Tool to Facilitate Investment in Stock Market

emrc is collaborating with Omid Analyzer in carrying out its qualitative market research. During the course of this collaboration emrc will be assisting Omid Analyzer in evaluating respondents.

Managr of Omid Analyzer’s Strategy and Planning Department Ehsan Bagheipour says that the company has been offering B2B advice and services to its clients including banks, insurance companies and brokers in algorithmic trading for four years.

“Omid is committed to finding effective ways to elevate the welfare of the general public in Iran. This, undoubtedly, comes about through facilitating people’s investment in the stock exchange and capital markets as well as engaging in productive economic activities,” he said.

According to Bagheipour, Omid Analyzer is unrivaled in the field of algorithmic trading services in the country. “Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to do qualitative research with the aim of enhancing our advisory services for the public for them to make better investments.”

He noted, “As we speak, there are $125 billion worth of liquidity in the hand of the public. This figure is growing every day and, to whatever market it is headed, will create inflation. If only a small part of this liquidity is directed towards the stock market, the results for the economy will be propitious.”

To make this happen, Omid is working on the three dimensions of capital marketing, technical now-how and making use of a suitable technology to reach out to a wider range of audience.

Bagheripour added that to reach their objectives, Omid is facing multiple handicaps and questions such as uncertainty about the future, how to put existing facilities into more efficient use and how to ease the general public’s activity in the stock market.

He also noted, “Given our available budget, we can’t engage in a series of trial and error. We need to make use of procedures with optimal results from the outset. To do so, we started our collaboration with the emrc and sought their assistance in finding the most efficient solutions to our bottlenecks. We believe that the outcome of this cooperation will help us come up with an effective market planning. Our research sessions with emrc have so far met our satisfaction and our expectations have been fulfilled. We cherish the experience.”

Commenting on the collaboration with Omid Analyzer, Saeed Nabavian, emrc’s qualitative research chief advisor said that in Iran, people who have acquired the required knowledge and now-how have entered the stock market, but, for the general public, this market seems complicated, dark and dangerous.

“This is while investments in the stock market is of significant importance for any country’s economy. This is why Omid Analyzer has set out to make investments in this market possible and easy for everyone,” he said.

Nabavian added, “The services Omid provides in this regard, called, Ganjeh Service, is very much new to the general public and it is important that they embrace and trust these services. The emrc is doing qualitative research to find under what conditions the public will put their trust in Omid’s Ganjeh Service.”