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Steel Alborz Launches Campaign to Raise Brand Awareness

Leading maker of kitchen appliances in Iran, Steel Alborz has enlisted capabilities of Magnolia Divesting Agency to raise brand awareness.

The campaign devised by Magnolia, a member of the dnaunion family, includes out-of-home advertising and digital advertising.

In a talk with dnaunion website, Steel Alborz brand manager Leyla Araji, Creative manager at Magnolia Amid Rashedi, and Magnolia’s customer service manager Asal Bozorgi detailed the project.

Araji says, “Steel Alborz was found in 1992. Having long history of offering services in the Iranian market, Steel Alborz has always worked to stay ahead of times and adapt to the need of the market.”

According to her, over the past few years and in face of sanctions and the economic headwinds families have been forced to curb their spending. “Through this campaign we tried to reassure customers that there are great Iranian producers which can address their needs. In addition to increasing brand awareness we are hoping to cultivate public trust in Steel Alborz products.”

She adds, “During a recent survey we found out that brand awareness about Steel Alborz had declined. Although the decline was not too much, the company’s manager decided to take action and introduce preemptive measures to curb the issue.”

The survey indicated that many customers thought that Steel Alborz only produces kitchen sinks. This is while Steel Alborz produces a wide range of products including cooktops, exhaust hoods, ovens, microwave ovens, and kitchen taps.

Through talks with Magnolia advertising Agency, a campaign was devised to raise awareness about the wide range of products offered by Steel Alborz. Furthermore, the company wanted to convey a message that Steel Alborz is a faithful companion constantly working to address the needs of its customers.

Araji says, “We at Steel Alborz believe that kitchen is the hearth of the home. Appliances used in the kitchen must be of high quality and Steel Alborz endeavors to devolve products in line with the needs of the market.”

In addition to surveying its customers and to convey this message, Steel Alborz has devised a comprehensive strategy in collaboration with Magnolia Advertising Agency.

Rashedi says, “Increasing brand awareness and creating a sense of affinity among the audience have been the top priorities of the current campaign. Considering the nature of products, it was hard to come up with a novel idea for the advertising campaign. However with support from Steel Alborz, we at Magnolia Advertising Agency were able to devise a novel solution.”

“Steel Alborz aimed to raise awareness about the wide range of its products. The company wanted to convey this messages that the range of its products is not limited to kitchen sinks. They wanted to say that whatever you are doing in the kitchen, Steel Alborz is by your side. That’s why we picked ‘Cooking and washing with Steel Alborz’ as the campaign’s slogan,” he continued.

The campaign tried to be inclusive and simultaneously address male and female customers. “We believe that kitchen is important for every member of the family,” Araji says adding, “We also tried to establish a better line of communication with the customers. We would like to hear more from the users and directly communicate with them.”

The campaign was designed in two phases: out-of-home advertising and digital advertising. The digital advertising is to be more inclusive and aims to address customers’ questions more directly.

Araji says that the customers’ response to the campaign is to be surveyed soon. Bozorgi says that so far the audience has welcomed the campaign and its message.