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The Colorful World of Sunsilk New Products

On September 18, 2017, in a magnificent event, hosted by Magnolia Corporation from the dnaunion group of companies, Sunsilk Brand unveiled its colorful and diverse products. In the Sunsilk event, one of Iran’s Unilever hair care brands introduced a new category of its products to the Iranian market. These products are made with the help of top experts in the world of skin and hair. New products comprising new formulation shampoos and conditioners are the result of cooperation of seven of the world’s greatest hair experts:

Some of these experts are as follows:

Thomas Taw: Damaged Hair Specialist

Jamal Hamdi: Hair Shine Specialist

Francesca Fusco: Dermatologist

This category includes Soft and Smooth, Shine and Strength, Instant Restore, Healthy Growth, Color Protect, Hair Fall, and Shine and Strength 2 in 1.

At the launch ceremony of these products Iran’s Unilever Sunsilk brand also hosted 100 celebrities and influential people in cyberspace in a reception.

Managing Director of Unilever Iran, Ozgur Kulukfaki, inaugurated the ceremony by welcoming the participants; then he elaborated on the significance of Iran’s market for Unilever.

Ms. Negar Babaei, Brand’s Deputy” describing the Sunsilk brand, explained the main features of these products.

Ozgur Kulukfaky said: “Today Sunsilk is a leading brand in many countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Turkey, and now with its new line of products, we believe that Iranian consumers will be more interested in Sunsilk.”

Negar Babaei, referring to the benefits of Sunsilk, said: “Sunsilk is the only brand to know girls well enough to offer hair care products that give them an incentive to be effective. That is why we recommend this brand to the younger generations around the world. ”


About Unilever Iran

Unilever started its activities in 2001 through importing products to Iran. In 2003, Unilever Iran was officially registered as a legal entity and began its work with five employees. That same year, Unilever Iran constructed its factory in Qazvin, an industrial city near Tehran. Production lines began their operation in 2005 with Lux Soap production.

Today, Unilever Iran has 389 employees and a wide range of health, personal and home hygiene products are currently produced at the Unilever factory in Iran.

Unilever Iran has created sustainability and social responsibility to all its brands. For example, Damestos School Hygiene Project has been defined to raise awareness about proper sanitation in schoolchildren. Also, Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaigns, such as “Tell Her She Is Beautiful” and “Beautiful at All Ages”, were launched to raise self- confidence and awareness about real beauty in Iran.

Since 2014, the Unilever factory in Qazvin has not sent any garbage to the dumping center.