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Marketing Industry in Iran: Challenges and Solutions

The marketing practices of active Iranian brands are changing, and this change is well understood by all those who have worked in these markets. These changes need to be carefully reviewed and perfect solutions projected for them. This type of survey is done by those who offer consultation on the market and are concerned about the future of the Iranian economy.

The dnaunion group, one of the most important activists in the field of marketing communications in the country, has studied the marketing status of Iran based on a research. This important research has been carried out for the first time in Iran, with about 23 major brands of the country participating in it. The research is qualitative and includes in-depth interviews.

The dnaunion group has taken this important step in order to better understand the market: An action that will be of great help to Iranian brands in terms of data provision. The group has recently unveiled the results of this research for one of its leading customers, as well as the Eshareh marketing company. The results of this research will be disclosed to all brands and activists in the Iranian marketing sector in a near future and will surely have great impacts.