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Training: A Magic Key for Proper Utilization of Information Monitoring of Retailers

These days in the market the power is in the hands of those businesses which have high capacities in the market data and information analysis. These businesses draw a right roadmap through analysis of these data and with that in mind, navigate a correct path in order to reach their final goal. Domestic businesses in our country are faced with different challenges in this field. Many of these businesses gain access to market data and information but are void of the power to use them correctly.

EMRC market research company by holding a training course on familiarization with the concepts of monitoring retail business has come to help businesses who are clients of this company. EMRC, through this training course which was held with the cooperation of AVV School, has trained its customers on data analysis and methods of applying the data. We interviewed Kamyar Emami, Managing Director EMRC on the details of this training course in order to gain information about the course. Emami responded to various questions.

Tell us about EMRC’s performance and explain what the company offers to its clients with regard to monitoring information of retail business?

Retail monitoring is a product which is being used throughout the world by active brands. The Emrooz Market Research Company in Iran offers a product to its clients under the patent of X*POS. The main output of this product can contain information such as market size, market share, product price, the extent to which competitors are present and…

Review of the “market trend” is the most advantage brands can take from this product. EMRC carries out this monitoring in 24 major cities of Iran which cover about 50% of the urban population and the main competition between brands takes place there. The sample size of this monitoring is about 2550 different stores. The data of the monitoring is based on traditional trade because 90% of the Iranian market is operating traditionally and for data collection they should be monitored precisely. In the Iranian market, no company is capable of offering the information in the form as we do. EMRC customers take advantage of the information they receive on the marketing and sales sectors. Such information can have positive effect on the operation of these two sectors.

Why EMRC has embarked on holding a training course for its clients in order to familiarize them with the concepts of monitoring retail sellers?

After a while of providing information to our customers we realized that some of them were not capable of fully analyzing the information and could not exploit them completely. Therefore, we decided to hold international courses in order to familiarize them with the concepts of monitoring retail sellers and this increased the knowledge of our customers in this field. In the first step, we held the course for the customers who receive information form the EMRC Company and are somehow customers of the company. The participants in this training course are from the marketing and sales team which through sound analysis of the data on retail selling played an outstanding role in the progress and improvement of marketing strategies and planning.

Failure to make a correct data analysis could sometimes create differences between sales and marketing managers; what is your opinion?

I personally do not think that there will be any difference between these two groups. Only because information at the disposal of the two groups is different from each other, sometimes this interpretation is developed. Professional companies can prepare applied and managerial reports on the bases of the data on retail monitoring but some of the companies do not take advantage of all the details of the information and suffice to some part of it. Whereas, this course teaches them to have a comprehensive and complete look at the information they receive. This course helps the sales team to have a similar look like the marketing team to the market data and reach a common language in this regard.

Who were the participants in this course?

The participants in this course were from EMRC customers who have developed a specialized look at the retail monitoring. This training course was held in two days and on the second day the information related to each company was analyzed by the participants themselves and the audience by holding information about their own companies, asked different questions from the lecturer.

Of course in this term it was tried not to put the participants as rivals in order not to create any problem for anybody through the data and information which were provided. However, EMRC as a company for market research simultaneously has a number of customers from one domain of the market but due to confidentiality, preservation of the privacy of the customers and observance of the professional principles, it has always been trusted by its customers. Generally, the course has brought satisfactory outcomes both for EMRC and its customers and with regard to the positive feedbacks we received from holding these courses, we will try to hold another course in a near future.