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Crossing the Boundaries of Creativity in Advertising

An Applied Tool for Strategic Thinking

These days we hear so much about the term ‘strategy’. Strategic thinking, strategic plans, strategic positions and even strategic individuals are expressions that are heard so much in the modern world. But, the more we survey in most businesses, we find out that strategy in principle is not implemented in organizations. A ‘strategic thinking’ course was held in the fall 1395 (2016) for senior directors of dnaunion group in AVV School with an aim of using this powerful tool soundly.

Among objectives of this course, the following cases can be referred to:

• Recognition of the importance of proper utilization of ‘strategy’ in the process of decision-making and problem solving

• Use a professional tool, which leads individuals step by step in the path of formulation of a rational, efficient and effective strategy. This tool is called SOCceR.

• Implementation of strategic thinking with a working team

• Effective communication of SOCCER method with the daily working and personal decisions of the individuals

AVV School has always believed that after each training course people should be able to tell themselves that they can do the job as of tomorrow or they have acquired a better vision about their implementation. This time again after the conclusion of the course we asked the participants (after attending the course), what they can do and whether they have acquired a new vision in comparison with their previous activities. The participants in this course announced that they can better implement the following jobs after taking part in the training course:

• Planning the long and short-term strategy of the customers

• Planning for the internal team

• Reviewing problems and strategic issues of their organization in a structured way and teach this outlook to their team

• Finding a better and classified analysis of the success of the customer and the agency

• The process to present a solution based on appropriate strategy for the employer

• Appropriate intellectual and strategic model

• Think absolutely and regularly on the basis of SOCCER method

• Process of asking questions from the customer

• Writing challenge statement