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Frozen Food Market Under emrc Scrutiny:Demand for Frozen Burgers Surging

Iran’s frozen food market has seen substantial changes in consumers’ behavior over the past few months since the coronavirus pandemic began, which consequently, has affected the activities of firms in terms of production and distribution.

Market research agency emrc, a member of dnaunion family, has conducted a survey on Iran’s frozen food market. The following report is based on the data gathered by the emrc.

Different types of frozen food have been categorized into four main groups. Frozen dough accounts for 10% of the sales in the frozen food market, raw meat only accounts for 3% of the market, processed meat has claimed the lion share of the market with 78%, and frozen vegetables account for the remaining 9%.

The survey’s findings indicate that consumers’ considerably tend to buy their frozen vegetables in packages under 900 grams. In the frozen vegetables group, 98% of the total sales belong to vegetables in packages of less than 900 grams.

The market for the frozen greens subcategory e.g. pot vegetables used in making of Ghormeh Sabzi (a popular Iranian stew), or herbs used for Iranian Aush (a Persian vegetable soup), has seen an upward trend their sales over the past year, and since June 2020 greens account for 54% of the overall sales among all frozen vegetables.

Processed meat, being the biggest group of frozen food in terms of overall sales and market share, has had its share of changes over the past few years. Frozen kebab has emerged as a new product in the market with companies trying to make kebab and its distinct flavor further available to the modern Iranian household. However, it only holds a mere 3% of the market share, making it the smallest subcategory of processed meat in terms of sales.

Furthermore, the product’s prospects do not look good since the frozen kebab’s market has shrunk in June 2020. Yet demand for frozen burgers has been on an upward trend since last year, keeping their status as the most popular subcategory of processed meat, with a 59% market share. Not only frozen burgers have long been available on the market but also they are a longtime favorite of Iranian consumers. These seem to be the main reasons for frozen burgers’ keeping their popularity among Iranian consumers.

This report is part of a series of reports based on surveys conducted by market research agency emrc, helping companies make wise and data-driven decisions. The emrc helps companies are aware of the latest market trends in order to ensure sustainable growth.