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An In-depth Look at Iran’s Milk Market

Market research agency emrc has conducted an in-depth review of Iran’s dairy market. The results are presented in the following report.

Based on the latest data gathered by the emrc, a member of the dnaunion family, flavored milk accounts for 16% of Iran’s milk market while plain milk dominates the market with an 84% share.

Among the plain kinds of milk, low-fat milk has a 59% share of the milk market, while whole milk and reduced-fat milk account for 32% and 9% of the market respectively.

The most popular kind of flavored milk among the consumers is chocolate milk, which accounts for 28% of the overall sales among the top ten most selling items. Next off on the list of most popular flavored kinds of milk, is banana-flavored milk, standing in second place, right after chocolate milk.

The statistical data gathered by the emrc indicates that consumers tend to favor milk packagings with volumes standing at 0.9-1.0 liters. Milk packaged in the range of  0.9-1.0 liter accounts for 71% of the total sales. Standing in second place, milk in packages of 200-300 milliliters, only has a 17% share of the market.

In terms of the material used in the packagings, milk packaged in plastic bottles has a 51% market share, while bagged milk holds a 31% share.

Consumers preference in terms of packaging changes when it comes to flavored milk. Plastic bottles are still the most popular kind of packaging for flavored milk, though their market share stands only at 45%, while bagged flavored milk accounts for 43% of the products sold in the market.

The emrc has surveyed Iran’s milk market and milk consumption among Iranian families in 24 major cities of the country.

Providing businesses with deep insights into the market and enabling them to make data-driven decisions is part of the dnaunion’s mission. Surveys are regularly conducted by the emrc cultivating data that would help companies pursue their short- and long-term goals.