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Iran Laundry Detergent Market Boom Amid COVID Outbreak

During the first quarter of the current Iranian fiscal year (March 20 – June 20) the local market of laundry detergent grew by 9% in terms of volume compared to the previous quarter.

A member of the dnaunion family, market research agency emrc has surveyed the market in 24 major Iranian cities. The findings indicate that the spread of COVID-19 has spurred demand for laundry detergent in Iran.

Washing powder dominates the market with a 78% share. As per emrc findings, washing powder is usually sold in cardboard boxes. A breakdown of the numbers indicates that detergent powder for washing machine accounts for 54% of the detergents sold in the market while hand wash powder has a 24% share. Liquid laundry detergent has a 22% share of the market.

In the Iranian capital Tehran, detergent powder for washing machine has a 54% share of the market, followed by hand wash powder with 19% and liquid laundry detergent at 27%. In northern Iranian cities, demand for hand wash powder is significantly higher and stands at 30%.

Over the past four years, demand for enzyme laundry detergents has been growing. Over the period share of enzyme laundry detergents have reached 30% from 19% four years ago.

The emrc conducts regular monthly surveys of the market. The surveys provide valuable insights that enable producers and marketers to adapt to the latest market trends. Furthermore, investment in market research can enable companies to enhance their performance.