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dnaunion Sponsors ODT Program for Third Consecutive Year

Early in the second month of spring (Ordibehesh), the dnaunion building was host to the participants in ODT (Occupational Dnaunion Tour) program. It is a plan which in a professional way tries to establish close contacts with the marketing industry. Over the past three years the program has been regularly held in the group and members of dnaunion enthusiastically spend time and energy for this event.

This time, Tehran University students were the guests of the program and the more time passed the more enthusiasm was shown by the participants.

In the opening ceremony which was held under the management and with the presence of Mr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, the Managing Director of the group, the participants in an interactive atmosphere while becoming briefly acquainted with the group, started to disclose the list of their wishes in the next 10 years, which remained as a memory on the board of the hall and on the mind of the audience.

The participants also became acquainted with the methods used in the Market Research Company as well as steps towards implementation of a real project in an advertising agency.

The lunch time provided a good opportunity for exchange of views and further acquaintance and the participants were enthusiastically getting prepared to see the selected working atmosphere.

The visits to the two EMRC and Eshareh companies created an additional excitement in the ODT companions and faced them with a basket of different questions in conclusion. Mr. Pashapour Nikoo was the last person who patiently responded to the questions of the participants and tried to correctly guide them in their progressive career.

What the participants had written about the program as a memorial made those in charge of the program more determined to continue and further improving it.

Three opinions expressed by the participants after the event:

Mohammad Hassan Barkook Razm – MBA student of Tehran University and Manager of “Qassab Bashi” store: “By comparing the program with the academic teachings in university campus I found more than before that work and workspace is the greatest master in line with learning an specialization. I evaluate this program in line with acquisition with the real atmosphere of advertising, research and marketing highly effective and I could find a clear view of the workspace in this area.”

Mostafa Behnameh – postgraduate student in business administration and marketing consultant: “ODT is a completely professional program. I am very pleased to be in this program as one can feel the generosity in providing the correct information and advice in implementing the program by the dnaunion group.”

Marzieh Manteqi – MBA student of Tehran University and expert in business development: “ODT experience was like a kind tour leader for me. In a world which is still unknown to me it was like an expert which attempted to link the university with the marketing industry.”