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Jarchi” (The proclaimer): Magnolia’s Norooz game in the world of advertising”

Over the years, we have received many exciting and creative New Year gifts from Magnolia, one of the companies of dnaunion Group. These are (were) Magnolia sweets which are cooked by Magnolia staff using raw materials of advertising! The Magnameh, which was containing jokes with news and ads, interesting dices which brought us some memorable proverbs, until this year that the magnolia’s creative team launched a new fun game, “Jarchi”, to entertain us during Norooz holidays, and gave us the opportunity to come together away from technological devices such as mobile phones that are embedded in our lives and in memory of/remembering the past , and spend time playing and laughing with excitement.

But Jarchi was not just a game. And as Ramina Naqiyon, creative director of this New Year’s gift says, this game has simulated the story of advertising in a simple language; a world in which you have to publicize and propagandize ,or in other word, to proclaim in order to sell or introduce your goods and services.

Regarding the idea of creating the game Jarchi as a New Year’s gift, Naqiyon said that the game design was inspired by the old popular game of Hasbro Toys Company named “Pit”, however its content is related to Iran advertising market.

Usually in the market, there is an appropriate advertising behind every successful commodity that will cause the brand validation and accordingly, will persuade people to have it. In this game, we have selected products that are not essential goods or famous brands such as thimble, slippers and masher but it is expected that these products become popular through advertising in this game.

Each player has eight cards with an image of (a) product on it. Everyone has to choose a product and collect (the) similar cards, meanwhile, there is a card that serves as an advertising agency and any player who carries this card, will earn/ achieve more scores.

Hamed Khorsand, creative director of magnolia, said (explain sounds better) about the creation of “Jarchi:” This year we started too late to prepare our New Year’s gifts. Along with the Ideation team, we were looking for a good and different idea from early March. An idea relating to propaganda and advertising. This has always been a principle: our gifts must not be unrelated to advertising. We were looking for an absolutely interesting and exciting gift which would address the public as well as the advertising people and everyone could enjoy the gift and be entertained. Having come up with the concept of the game, we evaluated different kinds of related party games to create Jarchi (until/and Jarchi was created). The simple, handy and accessible products were selected to show that low value commodities can also become valuable and be considered using appropriate advertising.

Observing the new visual identity designed by magnolia sometimes ago, was another subject that khorsand noted in regards to this gift’s design and through this Norooz gift, different colors of magnolia were presented to everyone.

Mohammad Kazeroon, magnolia’s Copywriter, says about the naming of the game and its cards, referring to observe the tone and content of the irony and humor: for naming the cards, we were looking for simple and hilarious words and accordingly funny names such as thimble of Petrous and Soot e Delan were selected. The name of the game was also adopted from vociferous and noisy environment of the game in which everyone is proclaiming her/his cards name loudly. Advertising agencies are also proclaiming in a way, in order to introduce their products. And above all, this gift was especialised for Norooz, and in the past, proclaimers (Jarchi) would announce the arrival of Norooz and New Year everywhere.

The text written on the back of the box is in a simple and intimate language to be consistent with the game (‘s) content.

According to Magnolia’s ideation team those who received Jarchi gifts, really enjoyed it. For Magnolia most important achievements were creating these cheerful moments in people’s lives and getting them together and the fact that this is not just a decorative gift which would become a memorial after a while, rather it is an especial gift that whenever you open the box from the moment they receive it, they will experience the joy of excitement, happiness and togetherness.