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New Data Arriving for TGi Research

EMRC, one of the companies of the dnaunion group, will soon put the updated TGI research data which is carried up twice a year (every six months) at the disposal of users of this research survey.

TGI is one of the most expanded marketing and media research surveys in line with offering services to different industries in recognition of the consumer, advertising and media which will ultimately lead to business growth and progress. It is a research survey whose necessity has been realized by many Iranian businesses today. The project which is operating in Iran through the EMRC and under the license of Kantar Media will put its latest data at the disposal of the customers this month.

Sepideh Sobhi, TGI Project Manager, said: “After data collection and passing through the quality control stage, the data will be put into software and then processing and analysis will be done on the following topics:

1. Target Group Analysis

2. Market Segmentation

3. Optimized Media Plans

4. Correspondents Mapping

5. Trend Analyses

Further elaborating on the process of presenting the reports to the customers, Sobhi said the research results will be put at the disposal of the customers in two ways. The first way is through sharing of the research data in which in addition to the sharing of TGI data, the relevant research software and data will be installed on the system. “By holding a course, all the required training for using the ‘Choices’ software and analysis of the obtained output will be put at the disposal of the consumers.”

In the second method, she added, the prepared reports in the area of market survey, 360 degrees view of the customers, media use and attitudes and lifestyle of the consumers will be prepared by EMRC experts and put at the disposal of the customers. If required, upon the request of the customer, a session will be held for presenting the report.

According to TGI project manager, the most important advantages of this research for business owners or advertising and marketing companies and agencies are analytical assessment of the lifestyle and attitude of the respondents, survey of the trend of changes, determination and identification of target group, saving time and preventing capital waste, growing profits and sales along with the possibility of comparing information of different countries and having quick access to the latest information.