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Eshareh Receives Third Superior Trophy from Huawei

Eshareh Advertising Company was selected for the third time as the best advisor and strategic partner to Huawei in different fields and with positive results.

“It’s the agency that has been with Huawei’s media and strategy consultancy projects for many years,” said Parastoo Rostami, director of the media department at the Huawei Holding Company.

The projects often yield some good results in the sales field for Huawei. Also in line with the introduction of honor brand to the market as a media advisor with Huawei, Eshareh has come up with innovative and effective solutions. Such a successful partnership made Huawei pick Eshareh among the rest of the advertising agencies in Iran.

The plaques Eshareh Company received from Huawei in the current year and the previous years are:  Best Quality Partner“and” Best Strategic Development Partner” and Best Partner Award.”

Receiving the trophies will definitely encourage our colleagues to provide the right and creative solutions, and we will certainly see more collaborations and brilliant successes in future.