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How Eager Are Iranians to Travel Abroad?

Tourism has revolutionized the economy of many countries in the world and taken the leading position in their industries. A glance at the statistics of Iranian tourists visiting other countries indicates that they are fond of traveling and tourism, a potential that has been overlooked in Iran for several decades and resulted in economic boom of other countries. During these years that our tourism industry was faced with inattention of the authorities, Iran’s neighboring countries have been planning, developing and boosting tourism in their countries.

According to Emrouz Marketing Research Company (EMRC), 16% of Iranians have travelled by air in the last 12 months, a journey the costs of which have increased these days. This has caused travelers to choose air travel less.

The record holder country in air travel is Australia where 89% of people travel by air. Vietnam, Sweden and Singapore stand in the following ranks. Thailand with an air travel experience of 1% stands at the bottom of the table.

The travel and leisure programs of many Iranians have all the time been influenced by the economic and foreign exchange fluctuations.  What effects have these fluctuations had on Iranians’ viewpoints and their interest in traveling abroad or spending their free time? The following report provides statistical data on this important issue. The information and data presented in this report are accurate and based on global reports of residents of urban areas over the age of 15 in 47 countries. The Iran section of this report has been collected and analyzed by EMRC.


52% of Iranians for traveling abroad

Traveling has always been an important issue in Iranian customs and traditions. Different types of behavioral styles can be seen in travels and various factors such as adventures, new experiences, enjoying nature and … are effective in choosing these behavioral styles. This study reviews Iranians’ interest in different styles of travel and their differences of views with other countries. Some 52% of Iranians agree with the idea of traveling abroad. Ecuadorians stand on the top of the list in this regard with 64% and Croatians at the bottom with 4%.

Respondents from other countries such as Slovenia, Peru, Germany, Sri Lanka, the United States, etc. have also shown significant interest in this respect, according to EMRC.

In the behavioral styles of travel, a group of world people prefer to travel to a region that is far from the general public. This style has been popular among 35% of Iranians. The popularity of this travel style in our country is close to those of Sri Lanka and Turkey and places Iran between these two countries in the rankings. The highest rate of interest in this travel style has been among Russians with 55%, placing the country at the top of the table.

Nonetheless, attitudes of people in different countries towards travelling are diverse and some of them are interested in visiting new places and experiencing adventures. Some 59% of Iranians spend their holidays in different places, and 51% enjoy adventures while traveling.

Residents of Russia, Spain and Serbia are among those interested in travelling to different regions while people in countries such as Ecuador, the United States, India and Peru look for adventures in their trips and are on the top of the list in this category.


Iranians love adventure and new experiences

Style is an inseparable part of the travel experience whether it is to different and far away regions or it is exploratory and exciting. Some 16% of Iranians have experienced air travel in the past 12 months; a trip that has become costly these days and this has caused Iranian travelers to travel less.

Australia is the record holder in air traveling. In this country, 89% of people travel by air. Vietnam, Sweden and Singapore stand in the following positions. Thailand has the lowest percentage of air travel experience in this category with 1%.


41% of Iranians have regular exercise programs

Many people spend their leisure time doing sports; they are physically and mentally prepared to face problems and challenges, but sports planning differs from one person to another. Some people have regular and weekly sports schedules. Some 41% of Iranians over the age of 15 who live in urban areas are among these people. Iranians have gained a good rating in this regard and countries such as Italy, Turkey, Croatia, China and … stand in lower ranks. Of course, France, Germany and the United Kingdom are in better positions compared to Iran, with scores of 53% and 50%.

Exercise is not limited to going to the club and doing certain moves. A handful of people have jogging in their sports programs; 37% of Iranians are among these people. Interestingly, Iranians have surpassed people in countries such as Germany, Britain, the United States and… in this field of sports. However, Norwegians, with 41%, are ahead of Iranians. South Africans, with 1%, are placed at the bottom of the list in this category. Remarkably, walking is considered by 29% of Iranians to be among their favorite leisure time activities. Interestingly, the figure is 80% in Norway and 2% in South Africa.


13% of Iranian go to coffee shops

Presence of 13% of Iranian at coffee shops

These days, many world metropolitan residents spend their time in cafes and fast food shops due to their routine and business commitments. Although going to coffee shops have become popular among Iranian youth these days, only 13% of Iranians spend time in such places. Compared to Iran, countries such as Norway (89%), Croatia (80%), Vietnam (74%) and … have registered a considerable percentage in this regard. Of course, attitudes towards going to coffee shops also affects this percentage. Some people in different countries even go to coffee shops to do their businesses. This is while Iranians pay less attention to this issue.


25% of Iranians went to fast food shops in past 12 months

Iranians spend their time at fast food restaurants these days, too. Some 25% of Iranians have gone to these places in the past 12 months. This percentage is significant in a country like the Philippines where 97% of the urban residents have spent time at fast food shops during the past 12 months. Japan, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, the United States and… are placed in the ensuing ranks. Residents of Greek urban areas seemingly pay more attention to using healthy foods. In this country, only 15% of people have gone to fast food shops during the specified period.

Interestingly, even many people who have gone to fast food shops believe that fast food is harmful. The percentage of people having this belief amounts to 74% in a country like Slovenia and 7% in Finland.

Finally, study of behavioral analysis of different countries’ residents gives officials and businesses the opportunity to make accurate planning; a planning based on which one can take measures such as implementing culture promoting programs.

In the meantime, considering statistics presented by private research companies and comparing them with those provided by government agencies will help to come to better conclusions because the data and information are provided by multiple channels.