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The Sound of Silence Is Louder

Imagine the world stands still for a moment, where the sound of breathing can be heard and the sound of the flapping birds has weight; when silence makes sense, to move on and grow…

The AXE BLACK in its new campaign that has been implemented integrally throughout the world invites us to silence; a chance for being seen…

The campaign, tag lined the “Sound of Silence Is Louder” has taken shape and implemented in Magnolia; the intimacy of the people and the spirit of their teamwork was a feature that was prominent in this half-an-hour interview…

Roya Tabibi, the Project Manager of Magnolia says: “The customer in the briefing he had given us demanded a digital activity for the AXE. But, after considering the audience and the market as well as the need of the customer for a bigger market and Magnolia’s experience in the digital campaigns, we reached the conclusion that the audience who gets involved in this game is younger than the audience considered by AXE. In this campaign AXE wanted to see the growth of both itself and its audience.

Therefore, after several meetings we concluded that with the help of a campaign engaging the audience we should better carry out an activity in the digital environment which will no longer present an entertainment or a play and with this approach we shaped the campaign the “Sound of Silence Is Louder” with the presence of Sirvan Khosravi.”

Customer Service Director of Magnolia Arash Afshin says: “Two to three months of activity is needed to bring people together and do some information dissemination. After these few months the campaign will come to an end and practically what the campaign gains is not as much as you have worked for it. Therefore, we wanted to be active in a place where its audience is already present and there is no need to start from zero and in this way the stars and those who are active in the social networking could help us.”

Ramina Naqiyoun, Director of Campaign Creativity says: The campaign has been implemented in different countries and in different forms. In the original campaign for the presentation of the product the emerging musicians had been employed and different music through different performances had been covered. Even some of the songs had been implemented in the streets. Why Sirvan? We wanted to think bigger. Sirvan is very much popular and the AXE BLACK is popular too. We wanted to offer something that would receive a lot of coverage. Sirvan Khosravi is someone whose path of work and life has always been growing. He has reached from the bustle and the desire to be seen to calm and a kind of maturity. Perhaps amidst this huge bustle he has chosen silence. The campaign wanted to say that its audience was young adults who have grown up now and are mature. This can be seen in Sirvan’s style and music. We proposed the “unplugged” concert. Sirvan was popular and we were sure that the campaign would receive big coverage.”

Pooya Sabbagh, the Executive Director of the campaign says: “We wanted to have no difference with the global campaign. AXE is a brand whose campaigns are carried out concurrently around the world. Each year from the integrity of the campaigns it is clear what characteristics the new product will have and what it is going to talk about. This year the AXE BLACK wanted to present a new concept. It wanted to say that it audience was no more a teenager and therefore his outlook about the world has changed. He is no more the one to make rash and sentimental decisions. In its advertising AXE always speaks about the effect of its products and stresses that if you use this spray it would give you special charm. So far, this brand used noisy advertising in order to convey this concept to the audience, but this year for this concept instead of exaggeration, commotion and glamor, it says you can be noisy but within such a noise your voice would not be heard. Here the global brand tag line, that is, ‘Bring the Quiet’ is highlighted; that is to say we would better live a calmer and more minimal life. The tag line was localized by Kasra Frouhi in Magnolia and was turned to: ‘The Sound of Silence is Louder.’ For this reason, Sirvan was chosen and again for the same reason we chose unplugged as in such concerts the artist would arrange lighter songs and the performance would take a special form.

“We had counted on Sirvan and his social networks a lot. In his Instagram Sirvan had explained the atmosphere of the campaign and informed his fans about the event. Apart from this media outlet, we also used the Web banners, the print and outdoor advertising.

“We had invited the people to visit the AXE website and participate in a three-question competition. Those who gave correct answers had the opportunity to participate in Sirvan’s first unplugged concert. News websites and his fans gave a good coverage to Sirvan’s activities with this brand. We defined a month-long activity in Instagram and called on Sirvan’s fans to take pictures with the product and upload it with the hashtag #AxeBlackIran. The fans made attractive fan arts in Instagram both of Sirvan’s picture and of the product.

“The concert was performed at Azadi Tower in the presence of 300 people on September 19. A good coverage was given to the concert and even up to now it is being referred to in the news and music websites as a different experience for the fans and the first unplugged concert.

“Sirvan is also satisfied with the cooperation. It was similar to his style as he is looking for different activities and is not fond of routine performances. Recently he wrote in his Instagram posts about the intimacy of the concert and that he wanted to repeat the event.

“During the six-month duration of the campaign, the product was sold out twice and the sales was fantastic. And this is the same success that a brand expects to happen in the course of the campaign.”

Arash Afshin further says: “Another specific event in this campaign was that in the first few seconds we used Sirvan’s video clip “Where Are You” as the product placement. The video was in black and white and matched the minimal colors of the product. Among the facilities Sirvan put at our disposal in this campaign was his social networks and the possibility of using the product in the video clip and 15-second videos which showed him while using the product. The enthusiasm shown by the fans and their artistic posts in Instagram were among major factors for the success of this campaign.

“Given his popularity, Sirvan was nominated as the ambassador of the brand AXE and his fans highly assisted us. The first Instagram post of Sirvan which showed his hands taking the AXE BLACK received 27,000 likes in the first half an hour which is unprecedented in its kind. And this was a success that would not have been achieved with a digital campaign. In conclusion I should say that the presence of Kaveh Yaghmaei as the organizer of the concert songs was both highly effective in attracting the audience and in culminating the excitement of this 6-month campaign.”

The executive team of Magnolia for AXE BLACK:

Executive Director of the Campaign: Pooya Sabbagh

Copywriter: Kasra Forouhi

Creativity Director: Ramina Naqiyoun

Production Project Manager: Ayda Alam-ol-Hodaei

Media Planner: Sara Kiaeiyan

Production Team Manager: Shabnam Vosouqi

Project Manager: Roya Tabibi

Media Director: Sarvnaz Sur Esrafil

Customer Service Director: Arash Afshin