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dnaunion Sponsors 6th Annual Graduation Ceremony of Sharif University of Technology

The 6th annual graduation ceremony of Sharif University of Technology was held on Friday 9 October in the presence of the graduates of the university graduates. The dnaunion as the financial sponsor of the graduation ceremony of Sharif University of Technology was present in the ceremony with one stand (with the presence of EMIRC: Emrooz Marketing Research Co.) and one film.

Dr. Mohammad Zahed Sheikholeslami, the Chairman of the headquarters in charge of holding the ceremony says: “Since a couple of years ago we, through social networks, started to find the old graduates and connect them to the Sharif University Graduates Association. The search was conducted in an overall form and through all communicative channels. To find people after so many years was a difficult task. The same applies today. However, the result was encouraging and gave us motivation for continuing our efforts. The first ceremony of the Sharif University Graduates Association was held in the Kish Island in the calendar year 1384 (2005/06) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Sharif University and in the presence of the first term graduates. This was the first big celebration of the University with the focus on the first term graduates. The sweetness of holding the ceremony encouraged us to continue the trend despite all the prevailing difficulties.

“This year too, the anniversary celebration of the 6th graduation ceremony of Sharif University coincided with the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the University and hosted by the 6th term graduates themselves. Until this year, concentration was not on the graduates but this time the branding was focused on this issue. Out of 488 graduates of the 6th term 230 were identified and invited to the celebration.

“The point I must stress here is that the University considers itself responsible with regard to the students who are currently studying and really disregards the graduates. So far whatever steps taken, even though small, has been the work of Sharif University Graduates Association which is an independent association.

“As for the costs of the ceremony I should say that we provided the funding in two ways; part of the costs was supplied by the graduates of the 6th term themselves. To meet the other part of the expenses we thought to seek help from some people outside the University. Sharif University is a national-public institution with national mission and responsibility and our graduates are working in different business sectors. In my opinion all the businesses as part of their social responsibilities should take helping the universities seriously. To find sponsors we looked for people with progressive thinking and asked for their help; Mr. Nasser Pashapour is one such person with progressive ideas. Therefore, one of our supporters in this ceremony was dnaunion group.”

“The dnaunion’s EMRC group maintained an effective presence to introduce itself and its products on the day the ceremony was held.”

Nasser Pashapour, dnaunion group CEO commenting on this cooperation said: “Cooperation between us and Sharif University of Technology started about two years ago. Our group and the Economics Faculty have made efforts to include needs of the industry in the academic topics of the University so that lessons will take a more realistic and applicable form and come out of their theoretical shape. Cooperation in holding this ceremony was in fact continuation of the same interaction with the University.

“The reason for our presence in this ceremony was that in our point of view the closest communicative circle between us and the University is the market studies. The close relationship of the professors and the University with study and research has prompted the EMRC Company to consider presence in this ceremony appropriate; that is in fact, the communication bridge between the industry and the university.”

In another part of our presence, we had an intelligent film the objective of which was to raise the point that business does not merely help earning money but it requires creative and innovative solutions. In our point of view the Sharif University Graduates Association, as selected elites of Iran could be a proper group for accepting this way of thinking.