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Henkel Company: Exercise and Cleanliness… ABC of Health

In the contemporary world where there is no much difference among brands in terms of the services they offer, a brand would win the competition which, in addition to high quality products, would use more creative communicative techniques with the consumers and try to penetrate into their private space by knowing their audience.

The Henkel Company has been a pioneer in this regard and at certain periods of time has come closer to its customers. This time, Henkel joined by DMN Company, has gone to the parks to make memories.

Setareh Alirezaeifar, the Event Organizer of DMN, further elaborating on this activity says: “The Henkel Company with an aim of establishing closer relations with its customers and consumers, since the past year has installed the company’s brand exercise equipment in parks throughout the country for the three age groups of children, young adults and the middle aged. The design, manufacture, foundation, and installation of all the equipment has been done by the Henkel Company with cooperation of the Municipality for issuing installation permits.

In the first phase some 20 parks and in the second phase 26 parks were equipped with the devices and currently the project is in its third phase.

This measure has been taken in the parks in deprived areas and small towns. The objective is to cover all the Iranian cities.

In this regard, on Thursdays and Fridays each week, family sports competitions are held in these parks. The Henkel Company intends to bring excitement to the families and to the parks.

In these competitions the company hands out gifts to the families and kids paint their faces. Even photos are taken from families and are developed and given to them. In fact the competitions are planned with an aim of creating a new experience and recording sweet memories for the families. The gifts are specified with Persil and Peril brands. A sample of Persil powder which is made especially for washing in cold water is given to the families.

Cleanliness is among the basic principles of health and exercise is the foundation of health. The Henkel Company is supporting your health through cleanness and exercise.”