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X*Trim a Leading Light in TV Advertising Planning

In line with the second festival of top advertising works in Iran, Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) organized a training workshop entitled “application of qualitative research studies for advertising pre-testing”. Sepideh Sobhi, TGI Project Manager and Manager of X*Trim project launch, elaborating on the EMRC workshop said:

“In this training workshop major points were explained on the methods for the measurement of quantitative efficacy of the campaigns. Meanwhile, methods and tools that are used at the world level for this purpose were introduced to the participants. In this workshop the X*Trim research for the TV Audience Measurement was unveiled. By using this tool the rate of the TV audience variable at different hours can be measured. Also X*Trim measures the pattern of TV watching in different classes of the society, X*Trim is currently in progress in Tehran and is being considered an EMRC brand. Through this tool, the process for the selection of different networks by the audience can be surveyed and in the necessary assessments for planning advertising campaigns can be used. The data of this tool has been put at the disposal of the customers of EMRC Company and soon it will be generally launched.

“In this workshop indicators of the efficacy measurement in terms of features and methods of calculation will be described for the participants. For the better learning of the participants in the workshop, a case study of different campaigns of an industry was selected and a comparison was drawn between results obtained in each campaign. This case study was in conjunction with the campaigns held in the area of fruit juice producers which was held in Mehr 1395 (September/October 2016). The campaigns in this regard were measured on the basis of budget and the media used. It should be noted that figures shown by the measurement tools will not alone be indicative of the success of the campaigns rather numerous factors affect the success or failure of a promotional campaign. By using these quantitative results, optimization of the budget allocated to the advertising of the organization can be ensured.

“The quantitative results of each brand have no specific meaning alone rather targeting advertising campaign along with a comparison of the results obtained for the active competitors as well as the total trend of the industry will specify the performance position of each brand. Campaigns are evaluated from different angles such as how many times each person has been exposed to the advertising of the band under study or how much has been spent on the implementation of advertising program of each brand (on the basis of advertising broadcast tariff). The important point that it paid attention to in this measurement is the number of times the audience is countered the message of the brand. The effective frequency is another issue that is highly important in the transmission of message to the audience and is dependent upon different factors such as complexity of advertising messages and targeting of the advertising campaign.

“Sending a message to the audience beyond the number of effective frequency can lead to its reduced efficacy. At the same time, if the exposure of the audience of an advertising message campaign is less than the required number in the efficacy frequency, lack of understanding of the dispatched message by the audience will lead to the reduction of the efficacy of an advertising campaign. In total, the main objective of holding this workshop was to introduce the tools for measurement of quantitative indicators in the efficacy of campaigns and emphasis on their use for the assessment of successes and efficiency of a campaign. The last point is that brands need to pay special attention to the evaluation of their campaigns in order to prevent wastage of their advertising budget.