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Mahgol and Eshareh ad agency collaborate on the “our world, the butter world” advertising campaign.

148 new product SKUs have been observed in the Ice cream market

Iran’s ice cream and frozen novelties market saw a huge boost in the past year according to the data gathered by the marketing research agency, emrc. Based on the research conducted by emrc, a member of dnaunion family, there are 148 new SKUs observed in the market, indicating a significant number of new product launches in the one-year period from February 2020 to February 2021.

Iran’s Ice cream and frozen novelties market is one of the few Iranian markets which is fully dominated by domestic firms. Foreign competitors are absent from the ice cream market. Companies such as Mihan, Domino, Kalleh, and Pak are the four major players in the market.

Ice cream products are categorized into two groups impulse ice creams and take-home ice creams. Impulse ice creams are purchased for immediate consumption and usually come in foil packaging. While take-home ice creams come in bigger serving sizes and usually come in tubs and pints. Impulse ice creams have a whopping 86% share of the market while take-home ice creams hold the remaining 14% of the market share.

Based on the data gathered by emrc, the impulse ice cream market is heavily product differentiated. Ice cream sticks are by far the most popular product with 18% of the market share. Popsicles and ice cream cups come in second with each having 11% of the total market share. Ice cream sandwiches and cones hold respectively 10% and 9% of the market share.

Marketing research company, emrc, provides deep insight into Iran’s ice cream and frozen novelties market covering all its essential aspects. Data and analyses provided by emrc are a must-have for firms and companies that seek to boost sales and growth.

from: emrc