1001 Branding

With Iranian firms increasing their investment in branding, to address the needs of the market, the dnaunion helped the branding department of Eshare ad agency evolve into an independent entity dubbed 1001 Branding Agency.

While adhering to international standards, 1001 Branding Agency will also focus on the needs of the local market and adopt methods that meet customers’ demands.

The dnaunion subsidiary 1001 Branding offers these services:

AAV Innovation Center

Firms can profit from technology; however, the fast pace of changes technological developments ensue can disrupt business for older generations. AVV Innovation Center, a dnaunion subsidiary, helps traditional businesses adopt modern solutions and stay up to date. The center taps into potentials of professionals offering innovative solutions that can bolster business.

The center also helps customers along with other dnaunion subsidiaries upgrade their marketing and market research solutions to fit modern-day needs.

The dnaunion subsidiary AAV Innovation Center offers these services:


AAV Marketing School

AAV Marketing School is an educational institution that has actively held workshops and applied courses in the fields of sales and marketing and business communications since 2012. The school aims to provide essential and professional skills to those who seek professional growth in the marketing industry.

This is achieved using AAV School’s ”hands-on” approach to education and linking it to a robust curriculum and path to matriculation. AAV School employs experienced domestic and foreign tutors for its many educational workshops and applied courses.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio AAV Marketing School provides its clients with:



Established in 2019, ADONE is Iran’s first specialized media management agency. Identifying and selecting the best media outlets for placing ads, ADONE has been offering far-reaching quality media planning services to its domestic and foreign customers.

Deploying cutting edge technologies, the dnaunion subsidiary, ADONE has been able to devise efficient strategies and technics fitting Iran’s market. Employing its capabilities the company has been offering services to local and international firms helping them expand their share in the Iranian market.

While many agencies focus on cutting costs, ADONE’s priority is long-term effectiveness. Using monitoring and clear measuring methods, ADONE sets strategies for its customers which in addition to being impactful are cost-efficient.

The dnaunion subsidiary ADONE offers these services:



Behshaad came into the world in 2010, as an importer of Nutritional and Pharmaceutical supplements from North America.

Soon it widened its activity spectrum by entering new fields of healthcare segments.

In response to rising demand for professional healthcare marketing services,
Behshaad created its own “Healthcare marketing department” in 2012.

Valuable experience and considerable development obtained by the marketing department in an agreeable period of time, made the company to consider this department as an independent “Full Service Integrated Healthcare Marketing” Service provider.

A professional team of Doctors, Dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians in addition to creative talented experts of marketing communications, have gathered all their expertise and strategic vision to guaranty any kind of healthcare brand success.

Behshaad also benefits the support and cooperation of her sister companies in dnaunion.



Certius is a full service consultancy providing comprehensive solutions and customized services to international and Iranian companies. We support our clients with all the services they need to assess the Iranian market opportunity, enter the market, build their business and thrive in Iran. Our team is comprised of senior European and Iranian professionals with wide-ranging management and consulting experiences across industries and geographies. We have a vast network in Iran’s business community and public administration, which we leverage to our clients’ advantage.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio Certius provides its clients with:



DMN was established in 2007, specializing in non-media related promotional campaigns. The company optimizes product visibility, familiarizes customers directly with products, and also generates target audience brand awareness.

DMN’s activities span three major categories:

Sampling, merchandizing, etc.
Introducing and activating brands in the minds of the target audience, e.g. road show, engagement events, etc.
Holding exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio DMN provides its clients with:



emrc is one of the most renowned market research companies in Iran, having independently established itself and its activities from dnaunion in 2001.

emrc aids its customers in making informed decisions by providing customized reports and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data regarding consumer behavior, distribution networks, retail, advertising, and media.

In addition to these services, emrc produces standard research products such as Ad*X (advertising expenditure measurement), TGi (U&A), X*POS (Retail Audit) and X*Trim (TV Audience Measurement), MA*X (post TV campaign evaluation)

Through its professional growth and established credibility, international research companies have chosen emrc as a partner for Iran’s largest campaigns, allowing it to further advance its wide-ranging services.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio emrc provides its clients with:



Eshareh is one of the pioneers in Iran’s advertising industry, having successfully partnered with and serviced some of the most prominent domestic and international brands. The agency was officially established in 1997 and systematically evolved into a full-service marketing communications agency, doing so while consciously avoiding activities that could lead to conflicts of interest.

Eshareh continues to be considered one of Iran’s most distinguished advertising agencies, conceiving and implementing advertising campaigns and providing strategic consultation to top-tier firms. Our advocacy and adoption of international marketing principles and advertising trends, insights in local regulations, and nearly 2 decades of strategic expansion have positioned the firm for continued success.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio Eshareh provides its clients with:


Four Mind

Four Mind designs tailor-made integrated below the line & digital solutions to international corporations and modern Iranian companies. It provides premium communication and brand activation aligned with corporate and brand guidelines.

Four Mind has been working in Iran market for more than 11 years since July 2008. Four Mind introduced to concept of the Global Local since 2014 to use global knowhow and localize it based on Iran market conditions.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio AAV Marketing School provides its clients with:




Lemon is an experiential marketing, integrated advertising and digital agency, with no boundaries in place, which provides services from Ideation to Implementation.

Lemon capture the intangibles — time, attention, and emotion — and design experiences that spark profound consumer memories.

Lemon fueled by creatively inspired individuals dedicated to develop and enrich brands in all aspects, with a wide range of online and offline advertising services and solutions.

Working with esteemed clients provides a real framework for us to do breakthrough creative and ideas, hence we have been achieving success in building up a wide network of contacts with the largest corporations, and its aim is to ensure that Lemon offering the best.

Lemon strives to help its clients pushing boundaries and offering them innovative, non-traditional solutions to create moments that spark connections, and experiences that drive the conversation which entertains, educates, and builds brand loyalty for its clients.

Lemon ensure to complete our client’s priorities in a creative, high quality, timely, cost-effective, and professional manner.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio Lemon provides its clients with:




Magnolia was re-introduced as an independent advertising agency in 2006, providing a comprehensive range of marketing communications services to both domestic and international clients.

Through its long-term relationship with prominent international and domestic brands, Magnolia’s depth of services is unmatched in providing quantitative and qualitative insights into the market on a local and national level.

Magnolia prides itself for embracing the latest means and methods in advertising, particularly in digital media outreach. Clients are presented with customized solutions that are backed by research and data from across the dnaunion universe, allowing them to take on the market with a true competitive edge.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio Magnolia Advertising Agency provides its clients with:


Since its launch in 2010, has become a highly frequented news and analysis website, publishing news, reports and critiques in the realm of advertising and marketing.

The website features industry-experts and creative writers who provide an accurate, transparent, impartial, and informative take on domestic and international events related to marketing, advertising, and new businesses.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio provides its clients with:


Media Sources

Media Sources specialize in buying and selling media for advertising purposes. They boast a long track record in growing relationships with domestic, regional, and international advertising networks. Media Sources brings unique value to client campaigns through integrated ad buys that allow for economical pricing and modifiable payment plans.

As a part of dnaunion‘s service portfolio Media Sources provides its clients with: