dnaunion at a glance

At dnaunion, we consider ourselves a group of companies that are each unique in their area of expertise, but also interwoven parts of a whole. Working together, they offer clients a competitive advantage across ‘Integrated Marketing Services’, both regionally and internationally.

We offer an expansive range of marketing services, which include above-the-line advertising (ATL), digital advertising, public relations, below-the-line marketing (BTL), as well as marketing research and consumer behavior monitoring.

Our larger mission is to contribute to the growth and ever-increasing quality of the region’s marketing industry, and to do so with respect to internationally accepted practices. Our determination in achieving this gaol is what unites our respective companies, regardless of their differing areas of expertise.

As the main shareholder, we at dnaunion focus on strategic management, policymaking (with respect to development), as well as monitoring and maintaining standards within each individual company. We also attach great importance to expanding our basket of services by acquiring or launching new businesses; always doing so with an eye towards customers’ needs as well as foreseeing opportunities in the market.