Group Corporate Services

Based on international best practices, we have categorized our services across the following segments listed below

Each company, based on its respective strategy, may provide services in one or more of these areas.

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

While global trends point toward marketing communication services being segmented and selectively tasked from specialized companies, in Iran a majority of clients still prefer to commission all their required services as an end-to-end solution from one source.

Integrated advertising services are provided by three of our industry-renowned companies, 1001 Branding, Magnolia Advertising Agency and Eshareh Creative Solutions.

Below-the-line marketing (BTL)

Many businesses need to reach out directly to their customers, going beyond above-the-line advertising (ATL).

In response to this, Lemon, DMN and Four Mind Co., as one of the pioneers in this arena, provides the following below-the-line services and strategies:

  • Sampling
  • Merchandising
  • Road Show

Branding and Developing Corporate Identity (CI)

In order to customize our marketing services to our clients needs and maintain our market leadership position– we at dnaunion haveintroduced an independent arm to our advertising services, focusing exclusively on branding.

Our branding services cover:

  • Implementation and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative research in order to identify the brand’s targets
  • Developing strategy and brand touch-points
  • Determining the major principles of the brand and ideation for its elements

Our companies, 1001 Branding and eshareh provide services for branding and positioning of corporate identity.

Digital Advertising and Marketing

With each passing day the role of digital outreach and engagement rapidly expands within the field of advertising and marketing.

Four Mind and AdOne agencies provides a host of solutions using their highly skilled team to create, develop, and occasionally adapt international approaches with respect to the digital marketing field:

  • Planning, providing creative solutions and budgeting of digital campaigns
  • Executing and monitoring online advertisements
  • Developing and/or providing digital marketing materials

Event Planning

In addition to creating a lasting experience, marketing events can provide a suitable atmosphere leading to enduring word-of-mouth advertising (WoM).

Lemon and DMN Co. provide ideation, planning and management of communicative events in these areas:

  • Marketing Communicative Events
  • Communicative events – Organisational
  • Communicative events – Social

Filmmaking, Production of Television Commercials and Radio Ads

One particular aspect of advertising production that is almost always overlooked, or often not considered adequately, is ideation with respect to a target audience’s vision.

To bridge this gap, we at dnaunion provide the below services through one of our reputable companies, Lemon Co.:

  • Storyboarding
  • Scenario development and editing
  • Adherence to national regulations, including cultural compliance rules
  • Scheduling and production of adverts

Health Care Branding & Marketing

Concerning the global approach toward specialization in Health Care Marketing and Advertising, dnaunion has dedicated a specialized company to “Integrated Health Care Marketing Services”.

If you are a health care product or service provider, then Behshaad is a reliable consultant and full service marketing agent for you, to:

  • Create your Brand
  • Introduce and increase public awareness of your brand
  • Enhance brand’s position
  • Develop your market share
  • Develop your market share
  • Enhance your clients life style
  • Increase customers loyalty to your brand

Behshaad, a trustable companion, until you hit the goal.

Market Entry Consultancy

No two markets are the same. Depending on the success factors in your industry, your international business strategy will have to be adapted to Iran. How can you best satisfy Iranian consumers? How will you win against local incumbents? Shall you import or produce in Iran? How do you reach the shopper in a highly fragmented retail market with little modern trade? Whom should you partner with?

Certius which is Marketing Consulting Company produces answers to your most pressing business questions:

  • Identify strategic options for market entry and business building which build on your strengths
  • Understand how you can best build value and which capabilities you need in order to succeed
  • Choose the best strategy and define the basic functional strategies for product and service assortment, pricing, sales, distribution, brand building, production, financing, and local partnerships

Market Entry Study and Opportunity Assessment

In Iran your industry will work along highly country specific and sensitive rules and drivers. Your answers to these questions will decide on your success: How does the regulatory, cultural and political framework affect your future business? How is your industry structured? What are the key success factors? How will you succeed within the current and future competitive environment? Who are your key stakeholders? How big is the opportunity and which risks should you factor in? Reliable data are hard to get for Iran. We base our studies on our own proprietary in house research capabilities and unique data sources, such as Retail Audit, TGI and others. Certius which is Marketing Consulting Company helps you to:

  • Understand Iran in general and within economic, political, regulatory, cultural and societal framework for business
  • Gain insight into your category and the factors which shape it now and in the future
  • Analyze the category relevant key facts about consumer/customer, shopper, trade and competition
  • Map the key stakeholders
  • Match and compare your strengths, strategies and overall objectives with the key facts and business drivers of the category in Iran
  • Identify, scope and quantify the opportunity
  • Map potential risks

Market Research and Consumer Behavior Analysis

A key service provided by dnaunion is market research; from studying consumer behavior to monitoring and measuring advertising activities. These are carried out independently or in collaboration with international partners and have led to the creation of established research products such as AD*X, MRV, TGi, X*Trim, and X*Pos since 2003.

Based on internationally recognized standards, two of our companies, emrc Co and provide services in these field.

Media Buying

Media buying is a key strength in dnaunion’s marketing solutions.

Our media buying arm, Media Sources Company and AdOne Company, provides opportunities with quality broadcast channels at the best rates. Integrating purchases across campaigns, accelerating payments, and robust SLA’s are how we ensure maximum value for our clients.

Public Relations (PR)

By creating reference groups and networks of influencers, and informing them about our activities, we can communicate with the public through formal and informal channels, thereby exerting greater influence on public opinion.

dnaunion’s commitment to protecting and building brand PR spans a number of our ventures and ties together their strengths in a way that effectively conveys a brand’s image through various communications channels and platforms, while also tapping into economies of scale with regards to advertising costs.

dnaunion provides PR services through Eshareh, and Magnolia in the following areas:

  • News coverage
  • Special informing events
  • Publishing news in credible sources

Training and Awareness

At dnaunion we believe in the importance of providing practical training modules and elevating the field of professional information delivery for B2B and B2C communications.

Our goal is to enhance the regional standards of the industry in accordance to international standards.

To achieve this we provide training services through, AAV Marketing school and information delivery for marketing and advertising entities.

Specialized Media Planning

Employing cutting-edge technologies and monitoring software, the dnaunion subsidiary ADONE gauges the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Considering the business climate and customers’ needs plus the target market’s response the specialized media planning agency devises and carries out the most effective ad campaigns.

Developing Novel Media Planning Solutions

In line with changes in the audiences’ behavior along with media developments, ADONE forges innovative and effective solutions.

Innovative Solution for developing new services/products, business models, marketing methods

AAV Innovation Center, a dnaunion subsidiary, enables customers to stay tuned with the latest technological developments by employing a three-pronged approach to business.

  • Innovative Services/Products: With the introduction of new technologies people lose interest in some products and services. AAV Innovation Center helps firms come up with novel solutions for developing new services and products which would satisfy consumers’ needs and demands.
  • Innovative Processes: AAV Innovation Center helps businesses adopt novel communication solutions which enable firms to stay in touch with customers and catch up with the latest market trends.
  • Innovative Business Models: If traditional businesses do not upgrade their business model they would face a glass ceiling which limits their growth and market share. AAV Innovation Center enables these companies to go beyond these limits and forge new modern business models which would ensure their consistent growth.

By employing design thinking, AAV Innovation Center offers new marketing and advertising solutions in the above-mentioned fields to businesses.

Startup Accelerator

AAV Innovation Center also operates as a startup accelerator offering a wide range of services to fledgling firms active in the fields of marketing and advertising. Services offered by the center empower tech teams to foster their innovative ideas and turn them into effective products.