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DMN Unveiling of Eight Memorable Products from Cerelac Brand

Cerelac is one of the familiar names in the baby food sector with a record of several generations in Iran. The brand, which is supplied to the market by Nestlé Company, recently organized an event for its employees under the theme “DMN-A Brand Experience Agency”. The event was held in order to inform people about the changes that have taken place in the use and preparation of the products of the Cerelac brand.

The event was held in a different atmosphere designed by elements that reminded one of the products of the Cerelac brand. One of the main elements used in this event was wheat clusters that could be seen everywhere throughout the event. Wheat constitutes one of the main materials of Cerelac products.

In another part of the event, metal cans of the Cerelac brand were displayed in wooden boxes: Cans the food inside which has been supplied Iranian homes as a rich source of food for kids.

Commenting on the reasons for holding the event Shahrzad Sakhaei, Director of the Cerelac Brand in Iran, said: “All the products of Nestlé Company are prepared based on scientific and specialized principles. In this way, recently some changes were made in the directives for the production of Cerelac products. These changes open a new range of communications to the Cerelac brand. Changes that should be introduced by the team of experts to a specific group of audience (doctors, nurses, etc.). The Nestlé Company has organized the internal gathering to provide information about changes in the Cerelac brand products. At this gathering, members of the different teams involved in the production and distribution of Cerelac brand products were present.”

Sakhaei continued by saying: “Cerelac is a brand with a long history which is known as the market leader in its field of activity. Products of the Cerelac brand have been prepared for the age group of plus 6 months (babies) who start having supplementary foods.”

The Cerelac brand director further remarked: “Cerelac is a brand that is known in the Iranian and global markets with eight products: Products for preparation of which natural ingredients have been used as before. Cereals play a strong role among the ingredients in the production of Cerelac brand products: Cereals that have taken more space in new products with the removal of sugar. Of course, the elimination of sugar does not mean that the new products are not sweet; rather in the new products natural sugar of the ingredients has been used to sweeten the products. Varieties of vitamins, iron, and carbohydrates are among the other ingredients that are used in the Cerelac products.”

In conclusion, Sakhaei noted: “Recently the World Health Organization has emphasized on the low level of sugar used in products, especially those products that are used by kids. According to the announcement of this organization, sugar has detrimental effect on the health of children: Effects that would be demonstrated at higher ages and the Nestlé Company in an effort to protect the health of its customers has placed the use of less sugar in the composition of its products on its agenda. Products of Cerelac brand are also no exception from this rule and have been optimized.