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ODT is a program for those who see the future of their career in the marketing industry.

The participants in this program through their presence beside active teams in this area will become acquainted with professions and business processes of marketing industry and will touch the working environment of this industry very well.

The purpose of the dnaunion in the implementation of this program, is discovery of the talents, development of relationship with university, presentation of the group and above all, implementing the social responsibility with an aim of upgrading the industry’s position in the minds of the audience. We are convinced that people who are eager to be present in this program can realize their dream and make a logical decision for accompaniment and activity in this industry. Our effort is aimed at behaving all the participants in this program like our colleagues.

This program will deal with the following items by specialized companies in each field:

  • Interactive opening with the participants
  • Introducing parts of the capabilities of dnaunion group
  • Introducing applied dimensions of the market research
  • Familiarity with the implementation process of an advertising campaign
  • Describing the tips which end up to the increased effectiveness of human resources
  • Case study of a successful project in the field of marketing by one of the well-known brands
  • Free dialogue and exchange of views with professionals of the industry
  • Visiting and introducing parts of the companies of the group

Our first program will be implemented in June. For more information, those interested can click on the related news or for registration can select the ‘sign up’ button.