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Magnolia Is Thinking Different & Reachable

Recently Sony Mobile Company has launched a new series of smartphones under the title of Xperia X Series in the Iranian market. This series of smartphones currently includes three models: Xperia X Performance equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor is the most powerful of the three models of this series, Xperia X with Snapdragon 650 processor and Xperia XA focused on its sleek design. After seven years of collaboration with Magnolia Agency, Sony Mobile turned to the agency to come up with the perfect slogan and key visual to communicate the new products.  So we did a visit to Magnolia to hear their story:

Ladan Borhani, Sony Mobile account manager in Magnolia explained how the launch campaign of Sony Mobile Xperia X was initiated: “Magnolia Agency is the creative agency of Sony Mobile in Iran and is responsible for the localization and adaptation of their communication activities in Iran which are designed and executed on a global level. In the past few years Sony Mobile hero smartphones belonged to Xperia Z series which started from Xperia Z and after three years ended with Xperia Z5. Currently the new smartphones introduced by Sony Mobile are from a new series called Xperia X along with the new guidelines of visual identity such as the X icon.

Following these changes, it was the first time we had an opportunity to propose a local slogan and key visual that was according to Iranian culture and language, while being loyal to Sony Mobile guidelines and framework. This was a very good chance for us. For the main slogan there were a series of suggestions proposed by the client which were based on important features of the products such as the battery life, camera, etc. Besides we had other challenges to find the best slogan.

Mohammad Kazeroon, copywriter, commenting on the process of selecting the slogan for this campaign said: “We tried to have our slogan in a way that everyone could easily understand it without going through complicated decoding in their minds. On the other hand, we intended to convey capabilities and usefulness of the product to the audience in minimum words. So after examining different aspects of the product and client’s brief we finally reached this combination of “different and reachable”.

Ladan Borhani elaborated on the reason for using this type of key visual for the campaign and said: “When we speak about smartphones’ communication, we see either lifestyle images or product features; this time we only focused on the product and only used the image of the phone. We tried to use shots from different angles of the phone and in order to come up with the perfect layout that would convey the visual features of the mobile phone to the audience such as the beauty of the phone, diversity of its color, and subtle curves, we held two sessions of focus group. The result of these sessions helped us to finalize both slogan and artwork.

In a phone interview with Najib al-Zahed, Sony Mobile Country Manager of Iran’s market who is based in the United Arab Emirates, we talked about the new series of Sony Mobile products, strategies and objectives of their communication activities in Iran and the Middle East. Responding to dnaunion’s reporter, Najib al-Zahed said: “We have formulated our strategy on the basis of a sustainable profit and believe that we can offer the most values to the consumers. Because of the same values such as our cutting edge technology and innovations, improving user experiences, etc., Sony Mobile smartphone users are beside us. We continue our activities by focusing on the side parts of the mobile phones such as new technologies in the field of photography and camera of the phone as well as audio speakers which have currently high standards. With regard to the screen of the phones we were the first company which used 4K technology for the screen of our mobile phones. In future, we plan to offer the new series by focusing on IOT (Internet of Things) technology. We are a global brand and consider the needs of the market and the consumer; therefore we plan our communication activities with regard to the demands of the consumer but on the other hand being a global brand makes us to be very disciplinary about our guidelines.